Dearest Ones,

In the last several weeks, I have both grieved the passing and celebrated the life of a dear dharma sister, Christina Gage. Christina wrote a number of amazing spiritual books under the pen name “Mu’. A realized master in her own right, she mentored a small group of students and guided them far along the pathway to enlightenment. As well as an accomplished author, Christina was also an amazing artist. The images above are from her website: We salute you Christina with respect and appreciation and send you our love light as you journey to your true home.

Our theme this month is Love. We gather together as a community because of our love of Truth. Christina’s words about the love of truth really touched my heart at the conclusion of her book; ‘The Three Jewels of Awakening’:

“On the pathway of awakening, there is a single beacon of light that will never fail to guide you: the love of Truth at all costs. Give your loyalty to Truth and have the courage to follow that Truth no matter what—no matter what you lose or gain, no matter what is asked of you, no matter what happens or doesn’t happen. This bravery and fealty to Truth will guide you Home.” — Mu

In the coming week we are very much looking forward to gathering with you in the love of Truth for our full moon celebration: Friday evening at 7:30pm ET, March 18th, led by Savitri and Cate in-studio at 292 Bloomfield Ave. 3rd fl.. (above the Greek Taverna) Montclair NJ, simulcast on Zoom. (see details below).

The upcoming full moon is in Libra, the sign of the scales. It is sure to reveal what is out of balance in our lives so we can take steps to rebalance. What feels unfair or unjust in your important relationships?. What can you do to come back into balance? Libra is ruled by the Goddess Venus, the Goddess of Love, whose primary interest is relationships. During this full moon our relationships, whether business or personal, come into focus. How can we tame tension and conflict and make our relationships more equitable, harmonious, reciprocal and satisfying?

Our theme for the full moon is discovering your heart’s true desire. Movement, meditation and sound healing will be combined with astrology, dance, Reiki healing and more. Of course our favorite part is community sharing, as we powerfully collaborate and support each other with rituals to let go of what no longer serves us, so we can welcome in harmonious and positive new energies and initiatives.

Continuing this month with our theme of the heart, on March 27th, we are SO looking forward to being with Padmani (Kimani Divine) who will lead us in an in-person event for women that will focus on the kind and gentle way of the heart. This wonderful in-person event is a deep exploration of how we can move through our reality with love as we learn to accentuate gentleness and kindness in our daily lives. (Read more on below).

We Cherish You! May the Truth In You Guide You.

Sat Nam & Many Blessings,

Savitri, Cate & the MKY Team

P.S. Don’t forget to reply to this email with your requests for classes, events, time slots, ideas, etc.

Full Moon Celebration of Our True Heart’s Desire

When we gather together as a community at potent astrological junctures like the full moon, we use our power of creative soul searching to clarify and declare our intentions. We are then able to wholeheartedly support each other in materializing our dreams.

So what is your true heart’s desire? If you knew you could not fail, and you had abundant resources to support you, what would you most want to do or be? Once we discover what that burning desire is for our life, and we truly believe, the tools are drawn to us, almost magically, to make our dreams a reality.

Please join Cate and Savitri in-person or online to celebrate the full moon Friday evening March 18th from 7:30 to 9:30 at 292 Bloomfield Ave, 3rd fl. (above the Greek Taverna), in Montclair NJ., simulcast on Zoom.

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Padmani (Kimani Divine) is in the house!! Join us for this wonderful in-person event; a deep exploration of our hearts as we explore how to accentuate gentleness and kindness as we move through our daily lives and the world.

Anyone who knows Padmani knows how amazing she is; incredibly gifted with spiritual wisdom and healing abilities, while at the same time funny, practical, compassionate and down to earth: A mighty force of light and love that we are so honored to know and teach with.

Please join Padmani and the women of MKY for this very special in-person event on March 27th from 11:30 to 1:00 in the studio at 292 Bloomfield Ave, 3rd fl. (above the Greek Taverna), in Montclair NJ. (Cate’s regular class will resume the following Sunday).

Fire of the Heart Women’s Event with Padmani

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The MKY Team

Clockwise from top left: Manush, Kathy, Savitri, Andy, Kimani, Jennifer, Cate, Meredith