Dearest Ones,

Spiritual community is so important, it is what envelopes us in inspiration and keeps us on the path. We devoted today’s class to the great Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. We listened to one of his talks, read from his books and did one of his guided meditations. It was so moving as we chanted the Akal mantra in his honor.

Thich Nhat Hanh always stressed the importance of spiritual community. He once described his exile from Viet Nam (due to his peaceful opposition to the war) as feeling like a bee separated from his hive. Well you are our hive; we each inspire each other as part of a greater whole and we are so grateful! Our wonderful MKY beehive is opening back up for in-person practice in February, starting Saturday, February 5th at 292 Bloomfield Avenue, 3rd Floor (above the Greek Taverna) in Montclair, NJ. Join us in-person or online at 11:30am ET every Saturday with Savitri and at 11:30am ET every Sunday with Cate.

Pray tuned for our wonderful full moon event toward the middle of February, led my Savitri and Cate, featuring Reiki and sound healing, astrology, community sharing and a fire ceremony, intention setting, yoga, dance,, meditation and more: Date to be announced soon.

Because of the weather today, we have made the difficult decision to change the date of our gong event with Manush. This in-person and online event will now mark the new moon and will be held on Monday evening, January 31st from 7:30 - 9:30pm. This Miraculous Gong Bath still has online spots open, so sign up by clicking on the image below.

As we described last week, we feel so fortunate to have Gong Avatar/wise and expansive teacher Manush in our community and on the MKY team. If you’ve studied with him or basked in his gong emanations, then you know how he holds space for us to mine our depths. If you haven’t, get to it! He teaches at 11:00am every Tuesday online, and we have plenty of online openings for Monday’s event. We look forward to more in-person and online events with Manush throughout the year.

You are loved and appreciated. I hope you step into the miracle zone with us soon for class or for the Miraculous Gong Bath.

May the Truth in you guide you.

Sat Nam & Many Blessings,

Savitri, Cate & the MKY Team

P.S. Don’t forget to reply to this email with your requests for classes, events, time slots, ideas, etc.

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The MKY Team

Clockwise from top left: Manush, Kathy, Savitri, Andy, Kimani, Jennifer, Cate, Meredith