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Hey <<First Name>>, 


New moment, new me.


I grew up from the age of 13-19 being raised by a single parent father, a man born in 1937, who’s parents, if you do the math, lived through the great depression and a great deal of racial prejudice. 


By circumstance and lineage...there was a mindset of poverty, scarcity and lack. 


And, it got passed down to me. 


I made my dreams small - go to college, get a job, pay my bills - because BIG uncommon dreams weren’t really thought of as realistic and “fantasies” were frowned upon.


But as an adult, I made a decision that that story ends with me - and I’m the one rewriting the future now.


When I quit my full-time job a few years back to “figure out vocation and self- employment” it wasn’t as scary the day when my actual savings ran out, and after the bills piled up. Thats when I got really scared.


And it got worse. I ended up evicted.


Making the jump, leaving a job you ain’t that hard. But figuring out what you really need to do everyday to make things work, and then actually doing it consistently is HARD.


I’ve made it from 2018 to 2021 by the grace of God and all the people God put in my path to help me. I’m super grateful.


Everyday I continue this journey is a lesson in courage, faith, persistence and humility. 


And, when you are on a journey like this... you might know from your own personal experience...

You don’t have a whole year to spend, tiptoeing & teeter-totting, and deciding if you are gonna be transformed into a better version of yourself. You have to make those decisions in a choose the transformation.


The new me is transformed every time I choose to think a higher thought, choose a wiser reaction. Take a necessary action.


Whoo, I haven’t figured it all out. NOPE. But I know how to help the version of me from 3 years ago. Shoot, I know how to help me from 3 week ago. 


There’s some simple things we overlook & undervalue everyday that would transform our lives...Bypassing these simple things, for flashier more complex things. But we’re the ones missing out on the benefits of simple powerful actions.


I talk about the simple but powerful things that can transform US into Higher versions of our creative, capable selves, moment by moment.

I recorded this video a few weeks ago, it felt so vulnerable to talk about how I got broken down by my own bad attitude, BUT, the victory is that I got understanding & resolved years worth of negative thinking in just 1 weekend of doing the inner work. 

Click the link to watch the video.

You have so much in you RIGHT now, if only you choose it!

Dorothy Marie

CLICK + Watch the VIDEO
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