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"Never via route servers" 

While the DE-CIX route servers for sure are one of the most important parts of the DE-CIX exchanges, some networks don't peer with the route servers. In order to increase routing security, we've introduced a new route server feature called "Never via route servers" together with PeeringDB. What it's all about and what else is going on at our exchanges can be found below.

In addition, in celebration of our 25th anniversary, this year's newsletters always start with a look back at 25 years of interconnection history, a look forward to where interconnection will be in another 25 years, or a closer look at our partners, customers, and friends - without you, the Internet would not be what it is today.

Enjoy the newsletter!

"I had a small room filled with computers – and I was already interconnecting them."

DE-CIX's CTO Dr. Thomas King looks back at his personal 25 years of Internet history, e.g. how he argued with his father about the bills back when you paid by the minute to get connected, and about what interconnection will look like in 25 years. Watch the video.

New all-time peak at DE-CIX Frankfurt: 8.3 Tbps

Shortly after reaching the world records of more than 7 Terabits per second peak traffic in September 2019 and more than 8 Terabits per second in December 2019, DE-CIX Frankfurt reached a new all-time traffic peak of 8.3 Terabits per second on 11 February. Read more.

New DE-CIX-enabled site in New York: NJFX

Shortly after celebrating DE-CIX New York’s 5th anniversary, DE-CIX has established a PoP at NJFX, a cable landing station colocation campus offering Tier 3 carrier-neutral data center capabilities. Read more.

DE-CIX Hamburg: New DE-CIX-enabled site and a new traffic peak

With more than 10 DE-CIX-enabled sites, more than 160 networks that peer, and almost 100,000 available IPv4 routes, DE-CIX Hamburg has developed very well over the past year.
Read more.

New routing security feature in cooperation with PeeringDB

Routing security is an essential topic at DE-CIX, and in order to increase the routing security in general and specifically at the DE-CIX route servers, we have proposed and discussed with the community a new feature for PeeringDB called "Never via route servers". Read more.

DirectROUTES: Direct access to Comcast improves network performance

The quotes of customers speak for themselves: “Having a direct connection to a network the size of Comcast’s gives us a distinct advantage over other cloud providers. DirectROUTES allows us to skip over the middleman, instantly reducing latency and improving throughput for our customers,” said Dan Spataro, director of infrastructure operations at Linode.
Read more.

DE-CIX partners with Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria

DE-CIX and the largest IX on the West Coast of Africa, IXPN (Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria), have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to kick-off their new partnership. Read more.

New DE-CIX DirectCLOUD partner: Vodafone

The partner network for DE-CIX’s DirectCLOUD service is growing constantly: Vodafone Company Net customers can now connect to more than 50 different cloud service providers via the DE-CIX DirectCLOUD service. Read more.

25th Anniversary Party and DE-CIX TechMeeting on 26 June – Save the date!

In addition to our anniversary party, the DE-CIX TechMeeting will also take place on 26 June in Cologne, starting around noon. Let's discuss hot interconnection topics and celebrate afterwards! Registration will open soon on our anniversary webpage.


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Astra Lviv, as49824
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New York

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Airfiber Networks Pvt. Ltd, as135780
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Geocity Network Solution Pvt Ltd, as45235
GTPL KCBPL Broadband Pvt. Ltd, as135872
Siliguri Meghrekha Net Services Pvt Ltd, as134250
Wingsnet Internet Pvt. Ltd, as137150
YFi Networks Pvt. Ltd, as138312
YMS Network Pvt Ltd., as133645
Capacity LATAM, 9 March, Sao Paulo
DE-CIX Round Table Dusseldorf, 12 March, Dusseldorf
MENOG 20, 15 March, Manama
Peering Days 2020, 17 March, Krakow
DE-CIX Round Table Munich, 19 March, Munich
4th e-Safe Cyber Security Summit, 19 March, Ankara
DE-CIX Academy seminar, 23 March, Frankfurt
DE-CIX Round Table Frankfurt, 26 March, Frankfurt
Capacity Russia & CIS, 31 March, Moscow
GPF 2020, 20 April, San Diego
DE-CIX Academy seminar, 27 April, Frankfurt
LACNIC33, 4 May, Cali
RIPE80, 11 May, Berlin
25th anniversary party, 26 June, Cologne
DE-CIX Technical Meeting, 26 June, Cologne

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