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Two new IXs in Malaysia, several new DE-CIX-enabled sites, and a new service

We have great news! DE-CIX is opening up in South East Asia. DE-CIX and the local Malaysian Internet Exchange provider JBIX will run two Internet Exchanges in Malaysia. In addition, we'll report on a number of new DE-CIX-enabled sites in the U.S., Germany, and Spain. In fact, we have the first IX with enabled sites in two countries, extending the metro reach of our exchanges. And while we are expanding geographically, we are also adding new services: The new Microsoft Azure Peering Service is available at DE-CIX, and GlobePEER Remote and DirectCLOUD are now available at UAE-IX.
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DE-CIX opens new IXs in Malaysia

DE-CIX is taking its global interconnection success model to the next level and will be entering South East Asia. DE-CIX and the local Malaysian Internet Exchange provider JBIX will run two Internet Exchanges in the greater Kuala Lumpur and the Johor Bahru region. Read more.

New DE-CIX New York enabled site: NYI at 60 Hudson Street

DE-CIX has enhanced its partnership with NYI, a leading global provider of managed hybrid IT solutions, with the deployment of a new Point of Presence (PoP) within NYI’s data center facility located in the iconic 60 Hudson Street carrier hotel. Read more.

New DE-CIX Frankfurt enabled sites: Pfalzkom and TelemaxX

We are happy to announce three more DE-CIX-enabled sites for DE-CIX Frankfurt: Pfalzkom DCRN I and DCRN II, located in Mutterstadt, and the TelemaxX IPC4 data center in Karlsruhe. Read more.

New DE-CIX Munich enabled site: StackIT

The StackIT data center DC 10 in Ostermiething, Austria, will become a new DE-CIX-enabled site for DE-CIX Munich. The DC 10 data center, strategically positioned between Munich and Salzburg, will be connected to DE-CIX Munich with two redundant dark fibers. Read more.

Madrid increases capacity: Global Switch new DE-CIX-enabled site

The Madrid data center of Global Switch, a leading large-scale carrier and cloud neutral data center provider, will soon be a DE-CIX Madrid enabled site, offering DE-CIX’s premium interconnection services such as peering and cloud exchange in the Spanish capital.
Read more.

UAE-IX increases service portfolio: GlobePEER Remote to Marseille, Blackholing, and DirectCLOUD available

UAE-IX, managed by datamena in partnership with DE-CIX, has upgraded to the powerful DE-CIX Apollon technology platform to enable hyper-scalability and cloud exchange features alongside its peering services. Read more.

DE-CIX offers direct access to the new Microsoft Azure Peering Service

DE-CIX is a global launch partner for the new Microsoft Azure Peering Service. The service is a collaboration with service providers to provide highly reliable and optimized Internet connectivity to Microsoft services. It also provides Internet latency telemetry and route monitoring, and alerting against hijacks, leaks and any other Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) misconfigurations. Read more.

DE-CIX India: Become a partner

With our four exchanges in India, DE-CIX is improving the Indian interconnection ecosystem. As in all other markets, we rely on partners to improve it together. Therefore, we are inviting you to join us as a partner for our Indian exchanges! Becoming a DE-CIX partner in this powerful region with great potential will bring you and your customers many benefits. Read more.

The DE-CIX Istanbul Summit – what a journey!

In October, the DE-CIX Istanbul Summit took place, bringing together the interconnection community in Istanbul, the unique city that connects continents. Get inspired by the impressions of this great event:
Picture gallery
Event movie

The DE-CIX digital triangle for edge interconnection

In this article, first published by dotmagazine, Ivo Ivanov, COO of the DE-CIX Group AG, looks at the interplay of IoT, 5G & AI – the digital interconnection triangle of future innovation.
Read the article.

Cloud gaming as driver for the Internet traffic of the future

On the occasion of the recently launched Google cloud gaming service Stadia, DE-CIX’s CTO Dr Thomas King sheds light on the current challenges and what needs to happen for cloud gaming, even on a massive scale, to be successful. Read more.
Great news to celebrate: At the JBIX Peering Forum, the partnership to jointly run two Internet Exchanges in Malaysia was announced. Read more.


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