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In the spotlight: DE-CIX's data center partners

While traffic numbers surge and we constantly upgrade our infrastructure worldwide, we want to draw attention to our multiple partners. Without them, we would not be able to deliver the interconnection infrastructure to master the current crisis. This is especially true for our data center partners like, for example, Interxion. What part data centers play in our interconnection ecosystems today and how it has evolved over time is shown below and also on our anniversary website.

More than 350 people from all over the world joined us for our Virtual Get-togethers to learn more about what is going on at DE-CIX and how we are moving forward during the worldwide crisis, as well as to discuss current challenges. If you missed it, have a look at the recorded sessions.

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From storage evolution to digital revolution

Data centers have been around for a long time. Today, they are the warehouses of the digital economy, providing a home not only for the data itself, but also for the platforms and applications that have become so ubiquitous in the modern world. We shed a light on how data centers became mission-critical for companies, the cloud, and the Internet.
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"In the future, interconnection will still be one of the most important services."

Interxion has been there from almost the very beginning of the DE-CIX story, and the mutually beneficial relationship has stood the test of time. We spoke to Jens Prautzsch, Managing Director of Interxion Germany, about this friendship, his involvement in the development of the Internet, and what he thinks the future will bring.
Watch the video.

DE-CIX behind the scenes: Meet Ingo Voss

Ingo shares his views on his first steps in the Internet, his highlights working for DE-CIX, and how the international expansion has coined the company’s history.
Read the interview.

Extended customer service hours

As our customers are more spread across different time zones, we have extended the availability of our Customer Service team.
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Enabling digital infrastructure together: Partnership with Core-Backbone

Core-Backbone has been a partner of DE-CIX since 2014 – and we can look back on a long and successful cooperation.
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We are all online: Internet in the times of Corona

We have seen huge surges in Internet traffic since the Covid-19 measures began, and decided to put together some interesting figures in an infographic. It is very clear that the Internet plays a vital role in these extraordinary times – and allows us to maintain at least some sense of normality.
See the infographic.  

How enterprises manage digital transformation

Peering still is the main interconnection driver at Internet Exchanges, but the increasing digitalization of enterprises has led to a demand of new solutions and services.
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Lost in interconnection?

To choose and implement interconnection technologies, you need a solid understanding of the terminology and technologies. Now there is a new Interconnection Playbook to help you.
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DE-CIX Virtual 25th Anniversary Celebration

As you may have guessed, we won’t be able to celebrate our anniversary in Cologne by meeting in person, but we want to celebrate with you online on 26 June. Save the date, invitations for our virtual celebration will follow. And we will make up for the lost personal meeting as soon as possible!

Successful DE-CIX Virtual Get-togethers

More than 350 participants from all over the world joined us for two virtual sessions in April to discuss infrastructure challenges during the crisis. We gave an update on DE-CIX and future developments, followed by a Q&A session. You can watch the recorded sessions or download the presentations here.
Watch the event recording from 7 April 2020
Watch the Q&A session from 7 April 2020
Watch the event recording from 22 April 2020


Everest Ridge Consultoria em Redes, as267056
GlobeNet, as52320
Ikoula, as21409
iWay AG, as8758
Ixpanse, LLC, as398042
LLC "Trans-Net", as61368
Merkel Digital Ltd., as34854
Prime Telecom Ltd., as207588
Simple Carrier LLC, as42624
Steffen Vogel, as207613
Thüringer Netkom GmbH, as199284
UnitelMedia, as58307


Amazon Web Services Germany GmbH, as16509
Cedric Rossius, as34872
DotManaged, as213377
Fdcon, as209935
Fiber Telecom S.P.A., as196753
HQserv Networks, as42994, as207439
Luiz Fernando Ribeiro Amaral, as209114
Luxembourg Online SA, as8632
Nick Cao, as209297
OnlineStack, as137940
SG.GS Pte Ltd, as24482
Simple Carrier LLC, as42624
Steffen Vogel, as207613


4b42 UG, as61218
Cedric Rossius, as34872
Edge Network Services Limited (Facebook), as32934
Fiber Telecom S.P.A., as196753
HQserv Networks, as42994, as207439
Lennart Seitz, as200462
Luxembourg Online SA, as8632
Michael Hayler, as207278
Securebit AG, as58057
SG.GS Pte Ltd, as24482
Simple Carrier LLC, as42624
Steffen Vogel, as207613
XNNET LLC, as6134


Digital Energy Technologies Ltd. Host1Plus, as61317
Fdcon, as209935
Fiber Telecom S.P.A., as196753
Hetta Pradianto, as131745
HQserv Networks, as42994
Kevin Schmitz IT, as207306
Konstantin Verba, as59813, as207439
Lennart Seitz, as200462
linefinity GmbH, as203440
Luxembourg Online SA, as8632
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Michael Hayler, as207278
Root Networks LLC, as32708
Securebit AG, as34800
SG.GS Pte Ltd, as24482
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TELEflash GmbH, as43140

New York

Everest Ridge Consultoria em Redes, as267056
IP-Max S.A., as25091
Ixpanse, LLC, as398042
JMF Solutions Inc, as40805
NJ EDGE.NET INC, as62532
Rede Brasileira de Comunicacao Ltda, as28202
SG.GS Pte Ltd, as24482
Subspace Communication LLC, as32261


JMF Solutions Inc, as40805
LONI, as32440
OneNet, as5078
Fiber Telecom S.P.A., as196753
Oman Telecommunications Company, as8529
SG.GS Pte Ltd, as24482
Umniah Mobile Company, as9038


Comvive Servidores SL, as39020
Hashpower Unipessoal Lda, as47787
IP-Max S.A., as25091
SG.GS Pte Ltd, as24482
Acorus Networks, as35280
SG.GS Pte Ltd, as24482
Verizon Media, as15133


IP-Max S.A., as25091
Ixpanse, LLC, as398042
Kaopu Cloud HK Limited, as138915


Omonia Cloud, as208278
Ooredoo, as50010
ZSC Holdings Limited, as62044


Fiber Telecom S.P.A., as196753


Protoact Digital Networks Pvt. Ltd, as137678
Ortel Communications Pvt. ltd, as23772
Vihaan Telecom Pvt. Ltd. as132923
Jiffy Cable and Datacom, as134944
Digital Dreams Consulting Pvt. ltd, as132986
Typhoon Communication Pvt. ltd, as138276
Maruthi Cable and Datacom Pvt Ltd, as137159
Dwan Supports P Ltd, as133301
Wavtree Networks Pvt. ltd, as133240
Digital Network Associates, as131442
Logon Broadband, as133968
Linkwave Technologies Pvt. Ltd, as136377
Due to COVID-19, many events worldwide have been postponed or will be conducted online instead. For a current overview, please visit the event list on our website.
The following events will take place online:

LACNIC33, 4 May
DE-CIX Academy seminar: Peering Tools (English), 5 May
DE-CIX Academy seminar: Peering Tools (German), 7 May
RIPE80, 12 May
DE-CIX Academy seminar: BGP02 - an introduction (German), 19 May
DE-CIX Academy seminar: BGP02 - an introduction (English), 22 May
DE-CIX Academy seminar: BGP07 - BGP Security (English), 26 May
DE-CIX Academy seminar: BGP07 - BGP Security (German), 28 May
NANOG 79, 1 June
DE-CIX Virtual 25th Anniversary Celebration, 26 June
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