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New service desk, Frankfurt crosses 10 Tbps, and welcome Barcelona!

In November it finally happened – DE-CIX Frankfurt hit 10 Terabits per second for the very first time. And it was not the only new record we had this month, as the traffic and the connected network numbers have been growing steadily over the past year across our Internet Exchanges. 

To help with this growth and to be more efficient at supporting our customers, we have introduced a new customer service desk. It is now easier than ever for you to open tickets, check the status of your tickets, and to close them. In our interview on our anniversary website, Nokia's Wim Henderickx also talks about helping customers to succeed. He supported the development of the platforms that keep the traffic flowing at our Internet Exchanges.

In other news, during our Interconnection Summit Madrid Edition 2020 we announced our 25th Internet Exchange, DE-CIX Barcelona. We also held a summit in Istanbul and launched a new white paper examining the interconnection markets in Southeast Asia. Remember to also register for the first DE-CIX Interconnection Summit North America edition.

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Helping customers has that winning feeling

Wim Henderickx, Director of Network Consulting Engineering and PLN at Nokia talked to us about how he supported the development of the multi-terabit platforms that keep the traffic flowing at our Internet Exchanges. Read the interview.

Great things come from small beginnings

Some ten years ago, we had to swap out our devices every 6 months – we needed the next, slightly larger, model in order to grow just a bit. The constant racing against the clock is what led to the conception and design of the DE-CIX Apollon platform. Find out more.

New customer service desk

We have introduced a new ticket system for customer service requests. As an existing DE-CIX customer, you can use your DE-CIX customer portal account credentials to log in to the new Jira Service Desk. Find out more or log in to our customer portal to read the FAQs.

Our 25th Internet Exchange – DE-CIX Barcelona

We are very happy to announce our 25th Internet Exchange, in Barcelona, established on our 25th anniversary year! The new addition will help us to take the interconnection ecosystem in southern Europe to the next level. Find out more.

New peaks at DE-CIX Internet Exchanges

In November DE-CIX Frankfurt hit 10 Tbps traffic for the very first time. And we reached new peaks in New York, Dallas, Madrid, Marseille, Munich, and more. It seems like the winter peak season when we usually break records came early this year. Find out more.

Be interconnected – 5 years of DE-CIX Istanbul 

The annual DE-CIX Istanbul Summit brought together experts across the industry to discuss the latest interconnection trends and to celebrate DE-CIX Istanbul's fifth birthday. The cherry on the cake: We also had a new peak at the exchange, crossing 200 Gbps for the first time. Read more.

New enabled site in Hamburg and Munich

We are happy to announce two new DE-CIX-enabled sites: In Munich we will be present at the NTT Global Data Centers’ Munich 2 data center from December, and in Hamburg we are already live at the Equinix HH1. Both exchanges have also seen record traffic peaks this year. 
Find out more. 

New interconnection markets in Southeast Asia

TeleGeography conducted an in-depth evaluation of the Southeast Asian interconnection markets. The findings are presented in our new white paper, which examines how widely distributed interconnection infrastructure can supplement strong existing hubs in the region. 
Download the white paper.

Register now for DE-CIX Interconnection Summit – North America edition

The DE-CIX Interconnection Summit North America edition will take place in virtual reality on 16 December at 12pm ET. Join us to hear experts talk about the need for a neutral interconnection ecosystem in North America and how digitalization of enterprise business models impacts interconnection services. Register now.

DE-CIX Interconnection X-MAS Moscow – 10 December, 4pm Moscow time

For this Christmas, let's connect virtually to look back at the year that lies behind us. Join us to hear more about the impact of Covid-19 on digitization, latency as the new currency in Russia, the role and positioning of the interconnection triangle of Moscow – and much more. Register now.

Thank you for joining the DE-CIX Interconnection Summit – Madrid edition

This month, the DE-CIX Interconnection Summit Madrid edition 2020 took place in virtual reality. A big thank you to all the speakers, sponsors and everyone who joined the event from across the world. And if you missed it, you can now watch the event recording. Find out more.
Celebrating DE-CIX Frankfurt 10 Tbps with a cake! As most of us are working from home, we donated the cake to a local foodbank. Find out more. 


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DE-CIX Academy webinar: Cloud and interconnection – the importance of ecosystems, 1 December
Capacity Asia, 1-2 December, online event 
IX Forum 14, 2 December, online event 
DE-CIX Academy webinar: Introduction to networks – VLANs, 3 December
NYNOG 18, 3 December
DE-CIX Academy webinar: Grundkurs Netzwerke – VLANs, 8 December (in German)
DE-CIX Interconnection X-Mas Moscow, 10 December, online event
Webinar: Mit Microsoft Azure Peering Service sicher und hochperformant in die 365 Cloud, 15 December (in German)
DE-CIX Interconnection Summit – North America edition,16 December, online event
DE-CIX Academy webinar: BGP 04 – Multihoming, 17 December
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