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Making interconnection easy. Anywhere.

In living up to our ambition to make interconnection easy, we do not just extend the reach of our own interconnection ecosystem, but also help partners build their own interconnection platforms. With DE-CIX as a Service, partners get a plug-and-play interconnection platform and support with sales and marketing to grow it. With the partners’ local knowhow and our experience in operating interconnection platforms, we can improve interconnection for the benefit of businesses and people. 

We already run several DE-CIX as a Service interconnection platforms and Ruhr-CIX in the Ruhr region of Germany is now ready for service. Last year we also launched SEECIX in Athens, Greece, where the first customers are already connected. 

In cloud connectivity news, read about our partnership with Stuttgart-IX and our interview with DE-CIX’s Mr. Cloud aka Harald Kriener, who talks about his job and the future of the cloud. In addition, at DE-CIX Mumbai you can now access the Oracle cloud via our DirectCLOUD service. 

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Ruhr-CIX is ready for service

Another DE-CIX as a Service Internet Exchange is ready for service and the first customers are connected. By distributing the data locally, the new interconnection hub will help to improve the Internet quality in the Ruhr region of Germany. Check out the website. 

IPv4 renumbering successfully completed at DE-CIX Madrid

Over three days in February, the changeover from the old /24 network to the new /23 network was implemented at DE-CIX Madrid. All services with old IPv4 addresses have now been moved to the new address space. Read more.

New enabled site at DE-CIX Chicago

In Chicago, we are happy to announce a new enabled site. With our partnership with 365 Data Centers, we are able to extend the reach of DE-CIX Chicago in the Midwest. Find out more.

DirectCLOUD in 90 seconds

A quick dive into the world of cloud connectivity and hot topics of the day, brought to you by our experts in a video format, in German or in English. Sounds interesting? Then subscribe to our DirectCLOUD newsletter. Subscribe now. 

New to the Internet industry?

Our new webinar series Networking basics is aimed at beginners in computer networking and at people entering the Internet industry. Watch the 30-minute long videos, either in English or in German, and learn about Ethernet, VLAN, IP, routing, and much more. Watch it now. 


DE-CIX Academy webinar: Peering tools, 2 March
DE-CIX Round Table event, 4 March, online event (in German)
DE-CIX Academy webinar: Peering tools, 9 March (in German)
DE-CIX Round Table event, 11 March, online event
Datacloud India & Edge Forum 2021, 9 March, online event
DE-CIX Academy webinar: Networking basics 01 – Packets and Protocols, 23 March
Capacity Middle East, 23 March, online event
DE-CIX Academy webinar: BGP 01 – Prefixes and Autonomous Systems, 25 March (in German)
RIPE 82, 17 May, virtual meeting
Capacity Middle East, 18 May, Dubai

Click here for a full list of upcoming events.
At the core of the DE-CIX as a Service program is our Apollon technology – delivering highly secure and resilient connectivity. This is the “box” powering SEECIX in Athens. Read more.


Adam Echotech S.A., as15699                    
Adamo Telecom Iberia S.A., as35699                    
Alta Tecnologia en Comunicacions S.L., as16030                    
bitNAP, as43578                    
Claranet S.A.U., as8426                    
Inforcelrà S.L.U, as43618                    
Minorisa de Sistemas Informáticos y de Gestión, S.L., as33932                    


Adams CATV Inc., as14928


Corex Solutions LLC, as13830 


Fiblib Digital Networks, as137095  
Geocity Network Solutions Pvt Ltd, as45235
Instalinks, as135183
Myworld Internet Services Pvt Ltd, as140133 
SAT International Pvt Ltd, as135716
Skymax Broadband Pvt Ltd, as132934 
Softech Infosol Pvt Ltd, as133680 
Zapbytes Technologies Pvt Ltd, as133652 


Alpine North LTD, as206064                    
DOKOM Gesellschaft für Telekommunikation mbH, as15763                    
Hughes Network Systems GmbH, as12440                    
Johannes Ernst IT, as212895                    
TMR - Telekommunikation Mittleres Ruhrgebiet GmbH, as12329                    
Daimler AG, as31399            
Global Jet, as29467            
GS Webservices, as209824            
ISS Facility Services Holding GmbH, as208766            
NHM S.R.L., as62275            
Novi Informatsiyni Systemy PE, as41820            
Superloop, as38195            
White Label IT Solutions, as394625            


Imagar Informática S.L., as200380        
Orange Espagne S.A.U., as12479        


AlphaCron Datensysteme, as28748        


Bijis Internet Pvt Ltd, as140168 
City Infosol Pvt Ltd, as139541
Hong Kong Seaga Seaga Technology Limited, as54994  
Indtel Infra Pvt Ltd, as140145  
Interaptus Limited, as133372  
Karur Telecom Pvt Ltd, as139552  
NR IT Services Pvt Ltd, as134013  
Proline Datatech Services Pvt Ltd, as135775
Rida Communication Pvt Ltd, as132166  
Saibaba Broadband Pvt Ltd, as132570
Sealink Network Opc Pvt Ltd, as135207   
Speed Airlive Broadband Services Pvt Ltd, as138283
Sreedevi Communications Pvt Ltd, as41313
Tiggee LLC, as16552   
Tollot Network Pvt Ltd, as140119
Twitch Interactive Inc, as46489
Zoho Technologies Pvt Ltd, as56201 

New York

Amnet Systems LLC, as33570 

Ruhr region

DOKOM Gesellschaft für Telekommunikation mbH, as15763                    
GELSEN-NET Kommunikationsgesellschaft mbH, as16024                    
TMR - Telekommunikation Mittleres Ruhrgebiet GmbH, as12329
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