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The shift to online – the new normal?

Working from home is now the new normal for most of the DE-CIX team, and so are digital events. For our anniversary show on 26 June, we hope you will all join us online at 11am CEST or 4:30pm CEST! This is an event not to be missed, and while we are a little bit disappointed not to be able to meet you in person, we are looking forward to meeting even more people online. You can already register here, and personal invitations will follow soon.

The DE-CIX TechMeeting will also take place online, and in this newsletter we'll report about many more topics that also show how online is the new normal: A case study about e-learning in the UAE, the DirectCLOUD launch in India, and two new white papers showing how the new Microsoft Azure Peering Service delivers the most direct way to Microsoft's cloud services.

Enjoy the newsletter.

DE-CIX Virtual 25th Anniversary Show

As you may have guessed, we won’t be able to celebrate our anniversary in Cologne, meeting in person, but we want to celebrate online with you on 26 June (11am CEST and 4:30pm CEST). Register now and join us for the big show! Of course, we will make up for the lost personal meeting as soon as possible.
Register now.

The story of... why Frankfurt

Wolfgang Tremmel, Head of DE-CIX Academy, has been with DE-CIX since 2006 and has worked with DE-CIX since 1995. In this interview, he gives an insight into the work that goes into developing the Academy’s workshops and webinars, and takes us back to the “birth” of DE-CIX 25 years ago.
Read the interview.

Helping schools to move to e-learning – a case study from the UAE

The Covid-19 situation has had a big impact on the education sector, with more and more schools and universities around the world turning to virtual learning options. In the UAE, the government decided to move all education to home, supported by digital services, in March.
Read more.

Interconnecting Frankfurt and Stockholm – partnership with Netnod

We are pleased to announce that we have established a partnership with Netnod, the Sweden-based provider of Internet Exchanges, to establish a direct interconnection between the Netnod IX in Stockholm and DE-CIX Frankfurt.
Read more.

DE-CIX Dusseldorf: Network upgrade completed

DE-CIX Dusseldorf is our second largest Internet Exchange in Germany. It connects over 195 networks and we have just finished a network upgrade to be able to connect even more customers.
Read more.

DirectCLOUD launches in India

We are excited to announce the launch of our DirectCLOUD service in Mumbai. Customers now have access to our Cloud Exchange and can connect to the global cloud services provided by Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Additionally, Amazon Web Services will be available soon. 
Read more.

DE-CIX renews PeeringDB sponsorhip

Once again, DE-CIX is proud to sponsor PeeringDB. PeeringDB is a very important tool for every network that wants to peer, and we recommend to all our customers that they keep their PeeringDB entry up do date.
Read more.

How enterprises benefit from direct access to Microsoft – new DE-CIX white paper

The Internet was not designed to support the kind of connectivity that digital enterprises require for business-critical services and applications in the cloud. The Microsoft Azure Peering Service via DE-CIX is an interconnection service that enhances enterprises’ connectivity to Microsoft’s services, such as Office 365.
Download the white paper.

How to set up the Microsoft Azure Peering Service – new DE-CIX white paper

In this technical white paper, we explain what the Microsoft Azure Peering service is all about, how it is used, and what the differences are to other setups and paths to Microsoft’s infrastructure. You will learn about the benefits of using the service, and we also explain the general setup and specific details for DE-CIX Frankfurt. 
Download the white paper.

DE-CIX Virtual TechMeeting 2020 – register now

In these extraordinary times, the DE-CIX TechMeeting 2020 will take place online on 23 and 24 June. Both sessions will start at 2pm (CEST). Both days cover different topics, so join us for both sessions!
Check out the agendas here or register directly:
Registration for 23 June
Registration for 24 June

RIPE 80: A meeting of people running the Internet, on the Internet

For the very first time, a RIPE meeting was held online over three days in May. The working groups covered a variety of topics, from IPv6 to IoT, and the gala dinner also took place virtually. 
Read more about RIPE 80
Working from home: The Customer Service team has new extended service hours and is now available from 8 am to 10 pm (UTC+2), Monday to Friday. Read more.


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Due to COVID-19, many events worldwide have been postponed or will be conducted online instead. For a current overview, please visit the event list on our website.
The following events will take place online:

NANOG 79, 1 June
DE-CIX Virtual TechMeeting 2020, 23-24 June
DE-CIX Virtual 25th Anniversary Show, 26 June
DE-CIX Round Table Hamburg, 20 August
DE-CIX Round Table Dusseldorf, 27 August
DE-CIX Round Table Munich, 3 September
DE-CIX Round Table Frankfurt, 10 September
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