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There's nothing like redundancy

In April, one data center in Frankfurt was affected by a massive power outage, and one of the DE-CIX Frankfurt route servers went down. The remainder of the DE-CIX platform in Frankfurt continued normal operations; the second route server was not affected. The power outage showed once again how important it is to work with a redundant setup. For a short time, some internal DE-CIX services were unavailable, although our systems are spread over two data centers. We are currently engaged in a process to enhance our internal procedures and to improve our testing procedures for data center blackouts. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Speaking of redundancy possibilites: We are happy to announce an additional DE-CIX-enabled site in Frankfurt: Keppel DC Frankfurt 1 (KDC FRA1). In addition, the third enabled site in Madrid is now live. Enjoy the newsletter!

New DE-CIX-enabled site in Frankfurt: Keppel DC Frankfurt 1

Keppel Data Centres Holding Pte Ltd. has partnered with DE-CIX: The high-availability carrier-neutral data center Keppel DC Frankfurt 1 (KDC FRA1) will become a DE-CIX-enabled site in Frankfurt. Read more.

Equinix Itconic: Third DE-CIX Madrid enabled site is live and operational

The third DE-CIX-enabled site in Madrid is now live and operational: Equinix Itconic. With this new enabled site, it is not only customers of Equinix Itconic’s two data centers in Madrid who can gain access to DE-CIX’s platform but also customers in Barcelona, Seville, and Lisbon. Happy peering!
Enabled sites in Madrid
Connected networks

DE-CIX Dallas reached a new all-time peak of more than 50G

With almost 40 networks now actively peering at DE-CIX Dallas, the exchange reached a 75% increase in traffic in the first quarter of 2018, with a new all-time peak of more than 50 Gigabits per second. More networks, like Amazon, are in the process of connecting, which will further boost traffic numbers. Happy peering!
DE-CIX Dallas traffic statistics
Connected networks

AS112 now available in Munich and Dusseldorf

DE-CIX has deployed AS112 project servers in order to secure the DNS system. The service is now available in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf, New York, and Istanbul. Read more.

DE-CIX 12 in Frankfurt: 4 Terabit connected capacity was moved in one night

In April, the DE-CIX 12 project team moved 4 Terabit of connected capacity from the old site DE-CIX 7 to the new site DE-CIX 12 in Frankfurt in one night. Eighteen customers, about 40x 100GE ports, and several 10GE ports were migrated. With this, about 1.2 Terabit of traffic shifted from DE-CIX 7 to DE-CIX 12. Read more.

DE-CIX Supports Hybrid Network Connections to Google Cloud with DirectCLOUD

Google Cloud Partner Interconnect is a new product in the Google Cloud Interconnect family. With Partner Interconnect, customers can now choose DE-CIX to provide connectivity from their facility to the nearest Google edge point of presence.
Available providers via DirectCLOUD

Activation of Myra DDoS protection within two hours with DirectCLOUD

A use case presented in March shows how fast the activation of a DirectCLOUD connection is possible. Within two hours, the DE-CIX DirectCLOUD VLAN was activated, the connection in the data center to the end customer was established, Myra Security cleaned the traffic, and the cleaned traffic was forwarded to the end customer. Read more.

Register now for the next DE-CIX TechMeeting, 6 June in Frankfurt

Don't miss the opportunity to meet interconnection professionals with a technical focus to network, to learn more about the latest developments at DE-CIX, and to enjoy great food and interesting presentations on peering, security, and interconnection ecosystems.
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New webinar: BGP – The big picture

In this month's new webinar, everything we previously introduced in the webinars will be applied. We will set up a simulated ISP with peering and multiple upstreams. As BGP Communities will be heavily used for this simulation, this webinar will be grouped together with the webinar about BGP Communities. Register now.

DE-CIX’s Smash-Hit on Broadway: Peering Network Recast as a “Multi-Talented”, Data-Center-Neutral Interconnect Platform

Usually, in a huge metropolis like New York City, network change occurs slowly and deliberately because change is so enormously expensive. In an interview Ed d'Agostino explains the meteoric rise of DE-CIX in metro New York to more than 160+ networks in little more than three years.
Read the interview
DE-CIX sponsors TuS Kriftel table tennis team
We are happy to sponsor the TuS Kriftel table tennis team! DE-CIX's Ingo Voss, Head of Project Coordination & Agile Solutions (third from right), is a team member. The team moved up to the regional league, and we are happy to offer them some small support with the higher costs that come with the new league.
Well done and good luck!


ALTITUD S.R.L., as57111
Bdot Blue Infrastructure (Germany) GmbH, as43996
EDPnet NV, as9031
ISP system, as29182
JSC ASVT, as8752
Modern Solutions, as44020
SOTEL, LLC, as21446
ViewQwest Private Limited, as13489


Paltel Palestine Telecommunications Company, as12975
Silknet JSC, as35805


Dataline LLC, as50073
Paltel Palestine Telecommunications Company, as12975
Silknet JSC, as35805


Dataline LLC, as50073
Paltel Palestine Telecommunications Company, as12975
Silknet JSC, as35805

New York

Frantic, LLC., as40773
Stealth Communications, Inc., as8002


Microsoft Corporation (Abu Dhabi Branch), as8075
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