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New Blackholing features, unmissable interconnection summit, and a big win!

October ended with a big celebration: DE-CIX was named the Best Internet Exchange for the fifth time in the Global Carrier Awards. Without our customers and partners and our great team, we would not have been able to build our unrivalled interconnection ecosystems. So a big thank you goes out to all of you! 

In other news, we constantly get requests from our customers for new features for our popular Blackholing service. We hear you loud and clear: we have now – first as a beta version in Frankfurt – introduced Blackholing Advanced and Blackholing Insights to help you to optimize your response to a DDoS attack. If you are a customer in Frankfurt, check out the website and login to the customer portal to take advantage of these new features.

November 12 is the date for the DE-CIX interconnection summit – Madrid edition. This online event is taking place in virtual reality and is a must for anyone interested in how the digitalization of enterprise business models impacts interconnection services, and the the role of Southern Europe on the global interconnection map. The event is both in English and in Spanish with simultaneous translation – make sure not to miss it!

Scroll down to read the top DE-CIX news from the past month and to register for the DE-CIX interconnection summit. 

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The early days of the Internet – a real pioneering time

Read our interview with Frank Kammer, Business Area Manager Telekom & Carrier, Axians Germany about the exciting early years of the Internet and going against the rules. 
Read the interview.

Fight DDoS attacks with Blackholing Advanced

Optimize your response to DDoS attacks. Blackholing Advanced enables you to shape the traffic routed to the blackholed prefix, letting you inspect the traffic while protecting your infrastructure from congestion. Find out more.

Analyse dropped DDoS traffic with Blackholing Insights

Blackholing Insights allows you to analyze dropped DDoS traffic. Get insights into the highest rate of traffic from the last hour, traffic in bits per second and packets per second, the packet source world map, and much more. 
Find out more.

IX-API version 2 is here

The new improved IX-API enhances productivity and the provisioning of services, as our customers can self-manage their interconnection services more effectively. The first customers are already using version 2 to automatically provision and configure dedicated cloud connectivity to cloud service providers. Find out more.

SEECIX is ready for service

SEECIX powered by DE-CIX, located in Athens, is now ready for service and the first customers are live. In addition to peering services, customers can also benefit from private interconnection and cloud exchange services. 
Find out more.

New DirectCLOUD partner: WOBCOM

Wolfsburg-based telecommunication company WOBCOM is our newest DirectCLOUD partner. Through the partnership, WOBCOM’s customers are able to benefit from our Cloud Exchange, with access to over 50 cloud providers. 
Read more. 

DE-CIX Academy: New webinar series

The DE-CIX Academy has launched a new webinar series, "Introduction to networks". Aimed at beginners in computer networking and people entering the industry, the first webinar is about Ethernet, its history, and how modern Ethernet functions. Watch the recorded webinar on our website and check out the dates for upcoming webinars below. Watch the webinar recording. 

New study: Data centers in Europe – opportunities for sustainable digitalization

Data centers are at the heart of digitalization, but they can also make a significant contribution to sustainability and to achieving the climate targets in Germany and in Europe. Find out more in a new study commissioned by the eco Association for the Alliance for the Strengthening of Digital Infrastructures in Germany. Download now.

DE-CIX Interconnection Summit – Madrid edition

The DE-CIX Interconnection Summit Madrid edition 2020 will take place in virtual reality on 12 November. During the one-hour event, experts will talk about the role of Madrid and Southern Europe on the global interconnection map and how the digitalization of enterprise business models impacts interconnection services. This event is held both in English and Spanish with simultaneous translations. 
Register now!
For the 5th time we won the Best Internet Exchange award at the Global Carrier Awards. Find out more.  


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European Digital Week, 2-6 November, online event (in German)
DE-CIX Academy webinar: Grundkurs Netzwerke – Pakete und Protokolle, 3 November (in German)
AFPIF 2020 - IXP Traffic Behavior During the Pandemic in Africa, 3 November, online event
Future Internet: Build your own broadband Internet, 4 November, online event (in German)
DE-CIX Academy webinar: BGP 03b – setting up eBGP, 5 November
Future Internet: Build your own broadband Internet, 10 November, online event (in German)
Vogel IT Media Service Provider Summit, 10 November, online event (in German) 
DE-CIX Interconnection Summit – Madrid edition 2020, 12 November, online event
DE-CIX Academy webinar: Introduction to networks – the IP Protocol, 12 November 
Fintech World Forum 2020, 18 November, online event
DE-CIX Istanbul Summit 2020, 19 November, online event (in Turkish)
DE-CIX Academy webinar: Grundkurs Netzwerke – Das IP Protokoll, 24 November (in German)
Capacity Asia, 1-2 December, online event 
IX Forum 14, 2 December, online event 
NYNOG 18, 3 December
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