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Getting ready for 2020: Increased capacity, automated provisioning, new 100GE sites

While many of us enjoy the summer break with their families, the DE-CIX team is busy working on making our Exchanges ready for the next years to come. Growth goes on unabated, and in order to grow together with our customers, we upgraded our infrastructure in Frankfurt with two Nokia SR14s and two new patch robots for automated provisioning. And at DE-CIX New York, we upgraded our infrastructure too, making three more sites 100GE ready. In addition, we'll report on a new peak in Istabul, some great BBQ Summer events you should not miss, and of course: Don't forget to register for the European Peering Forum in Tallinn, Estonia.
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DE-CIX Frankfurt 2020: Capacity increased, provisioning automated

The DE-CIX team successfully completed the project DE-CIX Frankfurt 2020, paving the way for the subsequent growth of DE-CIX Frankfurt: Two Nokia SR14s were installed at DE-CIX FRA 2 and FRA 6 site (Interxion), both with a capacity of up to 648x 100GE access ports. In addition, our two new fully automated patch robots were installed and taken live. Read more.

Major infrastructure upgrade at DE-CIX New York

As orders for 100GE ports increased by 70 percent in 2018, it was time for a major infrastructure upgrade at DE-CIX New York.
Five years after the first data packets were exchanged, three more sites were made 100GE ready. Read more.

UAE-IX will be connected to Mumbai and Marseille soon

UAE-IX in Dubai will be connected soon to the DE-CIX Internet Exchanges in Mumbai, India, and Marseille, France. This connection will enable remote peering between these three major hubs in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.
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DE-CIX Istanbul traffic crosses the 100 Gbit/s threshold

In July, DE-CIX Istanbul reached a new all-time traffic peak. The peak crossed the 100 Gbit/s threshold and is currently at 120G. Just recently, a well-known social network had joined DE-CIX Istanbul, with this leading to the new all-time peak. Read more.

Telxius and DE-CIX collaborate to improve the global interconnection landscape

Telxius has partnered with DE-CIX to offer access and interconnection services from any Telxius Point of presence in the world to the DE-CIX Internet Exchanges in Frankfurt, Marseille, Madrid, New York, and Dallas. Telxius operates MAREA and BRUSA, the two highest capacity submarine cables in the world.
Read more.

Don't forget to register: European Peering Forum, 16-18 September, Tallinn

AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, NETNOD and NIX-CZ, are happy to host the 14th European Peering Forum (EPF) in Tallinn, Estonia from 16-18 September 2019. Interesting topic for the agenda can still be submitted.
Register now.

Registration now open: DE-CIX Summer BBQ round tables

Join us and spend some warm summer nights with your peers! Register now for one of the next round tables:

eco:// kongress Cologne

Digitalization? Artificial intelligence? On 21 November, the eco Association talks over the central challenges and solutions with the visionaries and driving forces from politics, industry, society, and the operators of digital infrastructures and services. DE-CIX members receive a 20 percent discount on all ticket categories with the code 2019-DECIX.
Learn more.

Interesting read: History and impact of IXP growth

Ignacio Castro, a fellow under the RIPE Academic Coordination Initiative at RIPE 78, wrote an interesting article about the history and the impact of IXP growth.
Read the full article.

The DE-CIX team did a deep dive into interconnection at the Capacity Subsea EMEA conference in Marseille – and also a deep dive into pétanque! Did you see the tattoos? Have a look at some pictures here.


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rixcloud, as64271
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Daniel Niewerth, as34936
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DE-CIX round table Hamburg, 15 August, Hamburg
AfPIF-10, 20 August, Mauritius
DE-CIX round table Frankfurt, 22 August, Frankfurt
DE-CIX round table Dusseldorf, 29 August, Dusseldorf
European Peering Forum, 16 September, Tallinn
DE-CIX Madrid Summit, 18 September, Madrid
DE-CIX round table Munich, 26 September, Munich
LACNIC 32, 7 October, Panama
RIPE 79, 14 October, Rotterdam
Microsoft Business Summit, 22 October, Frankfurt
NANOG 76, 27 October, Austin
Capacity Europe, 29 October, London

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