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Upgrades, services, knowledge – a busy schedule in July

In June, we celebrated our 25th birthday, and in July, we have been busy with technical upgrades, bringing the new DirectCLOUD Flex service live, and taking online new whitepapers. With the new DirectCLOUD Flex service, you can set up as many cloud connections as you want up to your ordered bandwidth, changing connections daily or even hourly.

Our new whitepapers include one about remote-triggered Blackholing, and we share what Dr. Christoph Dietzel has to say about the pressure on the Internet infrastructure due to Covid-19 measures. 

Finally, check out our events happening in August and later on in the autumn, including the popular round tables bringing together the peering community in Germany.

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Customer service is an attitude

A spontaneous interview at a music festival brought the IT support specialist Tobias Neumann to DE-CIX, where he has been Global Head of Customer Service since 2016. Read the interview to get insight into the passion he brings to this role and how the Internet has became an ever greater part of his life over the last 25 years. Read the interview.

DE-CIX Munich: Major upgrade

At DE-CIX Munich, we have migrated our existing customers to new Nokia SR-2 boxes and made plenty of 100GE access ports available at the Equinix and EdgeConneX data centers.
Find out more.

DE-CIX Dusseldorf: IPv4 renumbering successfully completed

Over three days in July, the changeover from the old /24 network to the new /23 network was implemented at DE-CIX Dusseldorf. All services with old IPv4 addresses – including the old IPv4 route servers – have now been moved to the new address space. Read more.

DE-CIX Mumbai: New PoP at Sify Technologies

DE-CIX Mumbai has established a new point-of-presence (PoP) in Mumbai at Sify Technologies, our fifth PoP in the Mumbai market. Read more.

DirectCLOUD Flex – your flexible way into the cloud 

Do you need to connect multiple customers to the cloud with the possibility to set up new connections daily or even hourly? Or do you want to offer test connections to your customers without the hassle of an order process for every single connection? Then our new DirectCLOUD Flex service is for you. Find out more.

New DirectCLOUD service provider: WOBCOM  

Our Cloud Exchange is expanding and we are happy to announce that WOBCOM, a high-availability data center provider, is now available via DirectCLOUD. Check out our cloud finder for further information, and who to contact. 
Find out more. 

Harald A. Summa elected as Chair of the OMAC of the Internet Society  

Harald A. Summa, DE-CIX's CEO, has been elected as one of three Co-Chairs of the Organization Member Advisory Council (OMAC) of the Internet Society. OMAC serves as an advisory body to the Internet Society senior management and board, on matters affecting the general welfare and effectiveness of the global Internet and its users. Read more.

Why the Internet holds firm: Internet infrastructure in times of Covid-19

In an article in dotmagazine, Dr. Christoph Dietzel from DE-CIX investigates how much short-term growth the Internet can actually sustain, and what the limiting factors are.
Read the article.

Remote-triggered Blackholing for network operators

Blackholing allows network operators to route malicious network traffic into a blackhole to prevent damage to the network infrastructure. In this white paper we show you how to set up your network infrastructure to stop DDoS attacks. Download the white paper now. 

Step by step guide to Microsoft Azure with DE-CIX DirectCLOUD

Download our white paper to get step by step instructions on how to configure private peering and Microsoft peering to help you set up connectivity with optimal routing from your premises to Microsoft Azure via DirectCLOUD. Download the white paper.

How interconnection drives the digital transformation of enterprises – now available in German

Now available also in German, our white paper about the digital transformation of enterprises talks about how Internet Exchanges and the interconnection services they offer can help you to future-proof your business to deal with ever increasing amounts of data and new applications. Download the white paper.

Register now for the Virtual Summer Round Tables

Our Virtual Round Tables are your chance to connect with the interconnection community. Register now to hear updates on DE-CIX and to discuss interconnection topics with your peers. The Round Table events are in German. If you would like to know more about our exchanges in Germany, and network with your peers in English, register for our Virtual Round Table held in English on 17 September. 

Future Internet – join the expert round table discussions

Covering topics from physical broadband infrastructure and network technologies to ICT management and interconnection, the round table discussions will bring together experts from the Internet industry to discuss how redesigning the Internet and interconnection ecosystems can help companies to excel. Find out more.
It is always interesting to see how real life events impact traffic charts. Here are two significant traffic peaks at 167 Gbps and 143 Gbps at DE-CIX Hamburg which coincided with two football games. In the age of Corona, online is where people enjoy the game. 


Afghan Wireless Communications Company, as138322
Bloomberg L.P., as10361
DIDWW Ireland Limited, as51865
EdgeUno Inc., as7195
linefinity networks GmbH, as203440
Maximum-Net LLC, as43139
Netnik, as209263
novomind AG, as206775
NSN Systems LTD, as43044
PLANinterNET GmbH, as47138
PT Dwi Tunggal Putra, as18059
SWN Stadtwerke Neumünster GmbH, as207790
Voiped Wholesale BV, as204805
Windcloud 4.0 GmbH, as210226


Cagir Ltd, as213234
dtms GmbH, as12808
IlmProvider Computerhandel Knoefel, as12941
linefinity networks GmbH, as203440
Netnik, as209263 GmbH, as62336
RS Gesellschaft für Informationstechnik mbH & Co. KG, as60316
TCLNET LTD, as203900
TELEflash GmbH, as43140
Windcloud 4.0 GmbH, as210226


Cagir Ltd, as213234
IlmProvider Computerhandel Knoefel, as12941
Netnik, as209263
RS Gesellschaft für Informationstechnik mbH & Co. KG, as60316
TCLNET LTD, as203900
TELEflash GmbH, as43140


Cagir Ltd, as213234
IlmProvider Computerhandel Knoefel, as12941
Marble Information Systems Limited, as213092
PLANinterNET GmbH, as47138
RS Gesellschaft für Informationstechnik mbH & Co. KG, as60316
TCLNET LTD, as203900
TecnoWeb, as64114

New York

DIDWW Ireland Limited, as51865


Carrier-1 Round Table LLC, as393398
Hashpower Unipessoal Lda, as47787


Huawei Wisewan, as136907
RETEVISION I, S.A., as197267
Virtual Technologies and Solutions, as37721
Zenlayer, as21859
Zenlayer, as21859


EdgeUno Inc., as7195


Al-Nayi for information and communicational consultant, as60849


Aamra Technologies Limited, as58601
Anjani Broadband Solutions Pvt Ltd, as58965
Airtech Internet Solutions Pvt Ltd, as136302
FastForTechnologies Pvt ltd, as135269
Gaurav Communication Pvt. Ltd, as138317
Genstar Network Solutions Pvt Ltd, as134022
Green Tech Net Com Pvt Ltd, as135818
Gulbarga Megaspeed Pvt Ltd, as134262
HYFY Giga Fiber Pvt Ltd, as137132
Minet Communication, as139504
Multicraft Digital Technologies, as135834
Siddhi Cable & Networks Pvt Ltd, as140269
Tejays Dynamic Pvt Ltd, as55507
DE-CIX Academy webinar: BGP 07 - BGP security (English), 4 August 
DE-CIX Academy webinar: BGP 07a - BGP and RPKI (English), 6 August 
DE-CIX Academy webinar: Peering tools (German), 13 August
Future Internet: Build your own broadband Internet, 18 August, Berlin 
DE-CIX Virtual Round Table Hamburg, 20 August
Future Internet: Build your own broadband Internet, 25 August, Frankfurt
DE-CIX Virtual Round Table Dusseldorf, 27 August
DE-CIX Virtual Round Table Munich, 3 September
Future Internet: Build your own broadband Internet, 8 September, Nuremberg
DE-CIX Virtual Round Table Frankfurt, 10 September
Capacity Middle East, 14 September
European Peering Forum, 14-16 September, online event
DE-CIX Virtual Round Table (in English), 17 September
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