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New access sites, a core migration, and more

While we saw spikes in the traffic statistics of our exchanges when people were watching games of the soccer world championships, a lot was going on in parallel at DE-CIX. We extended our reach by adding new DE-CIX access sites all over Europe with euNetworks, successfully moved a core node in Frankfurt, and made the AS112 service availabel in Marseille. You can check out here at which sites in more than 450 cities worldwide you can either access DE-CIX directly or get conneted via a DE-CIX reseller.
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Project Reach: DE-CIX partners with euNetworks to expand access to DE-CIX

We are expanding the locations where customers can connect to DE-CIX. DE-CIX partners with carriers, leveraging their transport networks and points of presence (PoPs) for additional access. In addition to existing DE-CIX enabled sites, where DE-CIX maintains own hardware, these new access sites are added with partners such as euNetworks who maintain and manage the hardware. Learn more.

New enabled site in Munich: EMC HostCo

We are expanding our presence in the Bavarian capital of Munich. DE-CIX services such as DirectCLOUD, GlobePEER, GlobePEER Remote, and MetroVLAN are now also available in the data center of EMC HostCo GmbH.
Learn more.

Sensational growth at our regional IXs in Germany: Number of networks more than doubled

Meanwhile, more than 70 networks peer in Hamburg, more than 60 networks peer in Munich, and more than 50 networks peer in Dusseldorf. This is a tremendous growth of more than 100 percent, for Dusseldorf even a growth of more than 180 percent, compared to the end of December numbers. Learn more.

Important core migration in Frankfurt successfully completed

On 4 July, we successfully moved one of the four cores nodes in Frankfurt from DE-CIX FRA7 (Kleyer 82) to DE-CIX FRA 12 (Kleyer 90). The move was planned by the project team for several weeks and was executed from 2am in the morning till 5pm in the afternoon (15 hours). Read more.

AS112 service now available in Marseille

In order to secure the DNS system DE-CIX deployed AS112 project servers in Marseille. The aim of the AS112 project is to create a web of DNS servers that catch reverse DNS queries for private IPv4 space.
Learn more.

Open tickets? Detailed traffic statistics? What do you need? DE-CIX portal survey

Let us know what features in the customer portal are important for you and what has priority.
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Free trial: Connect to Microsoft Express Route via DE-CIX DirectCLOUD

We are offering you the chance to try cloud connectivity without any investment in technology or infrastructure. You will get a free connection with two VLANs to Microsoft Azure via DirectCLOUD for three months (50 Mbps bandwidth). Learn more.

10 reasons why you should peer

Peering gives you an impressive set of advantages; it raises your revenues, lowers the latency, increases the throughput, and much more. You probably know everything about the benefits of peering, but if you want to show someone why networks should peer, give them our new white paper: 10 reasons why you should peer. Download the white paper.


How to connect to Microsoft Cloud Services via DE-CIX DirectCLOUD

This guide provides an overview of the functionalities and benefits of the Microsoft Cloud Services (Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365). It introduces to the relevant services, translates terminology, technical configurations, setup for redundancy, as well as the business models, ordering workflows and processes involved with connecting customers to Azure Cloud.
Download the white paper

dotmagazine article: Journey into an interconnected digital world

Digitalization is reshaping business models and redefining products, not just for digital companies, but also for “traditional” industries such as the automative sector. Ivo Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX International takes us on a journey into a new interconnected digital world.
Read the article.

Still time to register: Join us in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, or Dusseldorf

Join us for networking and a fantastic summer BBQ for one of the next round tables:
Hamburg – 22 August
Frankfurt – 30 August
Dusseldorf – 6 September
Munich – 13 September
Picture of the month
Thanks for joining us!
Only days before France won the soccer world championship, we met with customers for a boat tour around Marseille Harbour together with our partner Interxion. Some of the crew even were diving for sea cables, but challenge wasn’t completed 😉 Thank you for a great networking event!
New customers


Aruba S.p.A., as200185
Goran Net ISP LTD, as51018
Grajaunet Telecomunicacoes, as262632
HAWE Telekom Sp. z o.o., as42739
Natixis, as39899
West Indian Ocean Cable Company, as37662


Boecker Elektronik, as204625
DFN - Verein zur Förderung eines Deutschen Forschungsnetzes e.V., as680
Highwinds Network Group, as12989
Melbikomas UAB, as56630


Boecker Elektronik, as204625
Highwinds Network Group, as12989
Komro GmbH, as29413
Melbikomas UAB, as56630


Bermond Management LTD., as201196
Boecker Elektronik, as205591
Highwinds Network Group, as12989
Melbikomas UAB, as56630



New York



AS33891 Netzbetrieb GmbH, as2222
Netfiber Conecta 2020 SL, as202384


Melbikomas UAB, as56630


Fiber Telecom S.p.A., as196753
Upcoming events
SANOG 32, 2 August, Dhaka
AfPIF, 21 August, Cape Town
DE-CIX Round Table Hamburg, 22 August, Hamburg
DE-CIX Round Table Frankfurt, 30 August, Frankfurt
Capacity Africa 2018, 5 September, Kigali
Cloud on its way to edge computing, 5 September, Frankfurt
DE-CIX Round Table Dusseldorf, 6 September, Dusseldorf
Capacity Eurasia, 11 September, Istanbul
DE-CIX Round Table Munich,13 September, Munich
European Peering Forum 2018, 17 September, Athens
DE-CIX Summit Madrid, 20 September, Madrid
Internet Securtiy Days, 20 Septemper, Cologne
NANOG 74, 1 October, Vancouver
PLNOG 21, 1 October, Krakow
CAPRE's 6th Annual Texas Data Center Summit, 2 October, Texas
RIPE 77, 15 October, Amsterdam
Capacity Europe, 23 October, London
DENOG 10, 21 November, Darmstadt

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