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The future of interconnection: IX-API

During September's highlight, the European Peering Forum in Tallin, it was announced: Together with AMS-IX and LINX, we have developed IX-API, an interface for provisioning services at Internet Exchanges. IX-API supports fully end-to-end automated processes and enables networks to order, configure, and cancel services. It was developed to assist our customers' demand for faster planning and deployment of infrastructure. We are certain that this is the future of interconnection, and we are proud to be part of developing an industry standard for network interconnection. Read more about IX-API and what else is going on at DE-CIX below. Enjoy the newsletter!

7.2 Terabits per second: New world record at DE-CIX

Data traffic at DE-CIX in Frankfurt went through the roof in September and set a new world record at more than 7.2 Terabits per second. Never before has so much data per second been exchanged at an Internet Exchange.
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GlobePEER Remote extended to Madrid, Lisbon, and Palermo

Madrid, Lisbon, and Palermo are now connected to the other DE-CIX Exchanges in Europe and in New York. With  GlobePEER Remote, networks that are connected at either Madrid, Lisbon, or Palermo are now able to peer with all networks that are connected to DE-CIX in Germany (Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf), France (Marseille), Turkey (Istanbul) and the US (New York) – and vice versa, of course. Read more.

DE-CIX Lisbon: A healthy ecosystem on the rise

Within months of the initial announcement, DE-CIX Lisbon started its journey to develop into a healthy interconnection ecosystem that today shows a balanced mix of content networks, network access providers and Internet service providers. Read more.

IX-API: Simplify your IX services

Together with AMS-IX and LINX, we have developed IX-API, an interface for provisioning services at multiple Internet Exchanges. IX-API supports fully end-to-end automated processes. In due course, the functionality of the IX-API will be available for DE-CIX customers in the new DE-CIX customer portal, offering a user interface for automated provisioning and changing IX services. Read more.

AI-supported DDoS mitigation at Internet Exchanges

The AIDos project, which started in July 2019, explores AI-supported DDoS mitigation at Internet Exchanges. The idea is to improve the mitigation capabilities at Internet Exchanges to defend against DDoS attacks – to create an improved Blackholing service. Read more.

New reseller for DE-CIX Lisbon: AFR-IX telecom

AFR-IX telecom, a Barcelona-based one-stop shop for African IT needs, is now a reseller for DE-CIX Lisbon. AFR-IX telecom delivers data, MPLS, SDN and advanced managed solutions to corporates and telecommunication operators in Africa. Read more.

DE-CIX joins IEIC as founding member

Internet Ecosystem Innovation Committee (IEIC) was founded in June 2019, and DE-CIX is very proud to be one of the founding members. IEIC is an independent committee that promotes Internet diversity forming global Internet nexus points. Read more.

BGP for networks who peer – DE-CIX Academy seminar

In December, the DE-CIX Academy will conduct its first seminar for junior network engineers, held in German. This first seminar is the first step towards extending the existing DE-CIX Academy training program in order to not only offer white papers, webinars and videos, but also give deep insights on-site at the DE-CIX office.
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Connecting continents: DE-CIX Istanbul Summit 2019

Don’t miss the 4th edition of the DE-CIX Istanbul Summit on 16 October! Experts from the interconnection community will come together to discuss cloud connectivity, market trends and impacts of new technologies on interconnection infrastructure.
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DE-CIX Madrid Summit 2019 - review

Under the motto ‘Defining the architecture of the digital century’, the 3rd edition of the DE-CIX Madrid Summit brought together more than 150 professionals and experts of the interconnection community in September in Madrid.
Watch the event movie.
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IPv6: Why its adoption is imperative for IoT

dotmagazine speaks to Klaus Landefeld from the eco Association about why IPv6 adoption is so slow, and why it's imperative for IoT.
Read the dotmagazine article.

“D17”: First Meeting of Digital Ministers Hosted by DE-CIX in Frankfurt

Harald A. Summa, CEO of DE-CIX, welcomed the representatives of the federal states and the German federal government, and explained the background of the world’s largest Internet Exchange, located in Germany’s foremost digital metropolis. Read more.
This month clearly was a huge step forward for digitalization at IXs. AT EPF 14, the three CTOs introduced IX-API: Henk Steenman (AMS-IX), Thomas King (DE-CIX), and Richard Petrie (LINX). Read more


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LACNIC 32, 7 October, Panama
RIPE 79, 14 October, Rotterdam
DE-CIX Istanbul Summit, 16 October, Istanbul
Microsoft Business Summit, 22 October, Frankfurt
NANOG 76, 27 October, Austin
Capacity Europe, 29 October, London
Peering Asia 3.0, 6 November, Kuala Lumpur
DENOG11, 10 November, Hamburg
Data Center World, 13 November, Frankfurt
ZAPF, 14 November, Cape Town
Connected Germany, 19 November, Frankfurt
UAE-IX Peering Workshop and Cruise, 27 November, Dubai
Capacity Asia, 2 December, Hong Kong
DE-CIX Academy workshop, 2 December, Frankfurt

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