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Growing ecosystems: 30 Terabits in Frankfurt

While the connected customer capacity at all of our exchanges taken together is in the meantime close to 40 Terabits, Frankfurt alone has more than 30 Terabits, and more than 200 active 100GE ports. Providing and growing interconnection ecosystems is our core business, and to foster the growth, we now provide a form on our website so that you can tell us what ASN you need. Let us know and we will try to bring it to the exchange of your choice.

In addition, we are happy to be one of the ten founding participants of a new IXP program supporting the MANRS goal to eliminate the most common threats to the Internet’s routing system. Enjoy the newsletter!

DE-CIX Frankfurt: 200+ active 100 GE ports, 30 Tbit connected capacity

At DE-CIX Frankfurt, 209 x 100GE ports are now active, one is at the testing stage, and 208 are operational. The 200th port was activated with a long-standing customer which activated multiple 100 GE ports at once. Connected customer capacity now exceeds 30 Terabits at DE-CIX Frankfurt.
Connected networks

Mumbai-IX expands footprint by adding a point of presence at GPX

Mumbai-IX will make its services available at GPX’s Tier IV Internet data center in Chandivali, Mumbai. Starting this May, content providers and networks in GPX will be able to take advantage of Mumbai-IX’s local presence inside the data center. Read more.

2017: Strong global and regional customer and capacity growth

DE-CIX increased its consolidated global customer growth by close to 14 % with more than 1,230 customers. The growth drove an overall connected capacity of 34 Terabits (Tbit), a 30% spike from 2016.
Results in pictures
Read the full press release

DE-CIX Frankfurt Peering LAN extends netmask to /21

For the last 6 years the netmask for IPv4 of the Frankfurt peering LAN was /22 - allowing us to have up to 1022 routers peering with each other. Continuous growth has compelled us to extend this netmask to /21, doubling the available address space and therefore allowing up to 2046 routers in the peering LAN. Read more.

MANRS launches new IXP program to promote routing security

The Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) initiative has launched a new IXP Program that broadens support for the primary objective of MANRS, which is to implement crucial fixes needed to eliminate the most common threats to the Internet’s routing system. DE-CIX is one of the ten founding participants. Read more.

Now available: GlobePEER Remote in Marseille

DE-CIX Marseille customers can use their existing access to peer at other DE-CIX locations via just an additional VLAN. So far, the DE-CIX platforms in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf, New York, and Istanbul are interconnected – adding Marseille as a next step. Learn more.

Imagine you could wish for a certain ASN...

Although more than 1000 networks peer at DE-CIX’s exchanges, not all ASNs are available. Do you have an ASN you would like to peer with and you cannot find it at our exchanges? Let us know and we will try to bring it to the exchange of your choice. Request an ASN

Free trial: Connect to Microsoft Express Route via DE-CIX DirectCLOUD

Together with Microsoft, we are offering you the chance to try cloud connectivity without any investment in technology or infrastructure. You will get a free connection with two VLANs to Microsoft Azure via DirectCLOUD for three months (50 Mbps bandwidth). Available in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, and Dusseldorf. Learn more.

New release: Marseille's position in the global telecommunications landscape

Following an initial report in 2015, DE-CIX has commissioned TeleGeography to re-examine the position of Marseille in the global telecommunications landscape. The paper reviews international capacity connected to the city; existing and planned submarine cables in the vicinity; the colocation market, and other trends.
Download the updated white paper

IDC market spotlight: The Car as Connected Platform — Interconnection Needs in the Automotive Industry

The paper examines the emergence of interconnection platforms that provide the infrastructure that will underpin emerging ecosystems within the automotive industry, and which will thereby enable the vision of the future of the car itself to become a reality - that is as an open platform that will share data with a wide range of partners across an automotive ecosystem.
Download the market spotlight

Guidelines: How to connect to Amazon Web Services via DE-CIX DirectCLOUD

A detailed guide “How to connect to Amazon Web Services via DE-CIX’s DirectCLOUD platform” is now available on our homepage. The guide provides an overview of the benefits of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud and introduces carriers and ISPs to the relevant services that make up the platform.
Download the technical guide

New recorded webinar: Blackholing at an Internet Exchange

The recorded webinar explains how Blackholing at a Layer2-based Internet Exchange works and how customers can use it to defend themselves against DOS and DDoS attacks. It includes a live demonstration on a customer router.
Watch the webinar

New DirectCLOUD partners: ahd and SysEleven

ahd has connected to DE-CIX in Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, and Dusseldorf, and their ISO 27001 certified ahd cloud is now accessible via DirectCLOUD. SysEleven has been successfully operating a native cloud and making it available to its customers as part of a public cloud since 2015.  Read more.

Angola Cables to become new DE-CIX reseller

Angola Cables will offer connectivity as well as remote peering solutions to its customers, reaching out to the main DE-CIX hubs in North America and Europe. They will connect to the DE-CIX locations in New York, Frankfurt, Madrid, and Marseille. Read more.

Partner Spotlight: Epsilon

Epsilon have been a DE-CIX partner for quite some time. As a reseller for DE-CIX in Frankfurt, Marseille, and New York, they connect networks to DE-CIX so that they can peer remotely. We spoke to Epsilon about their partnership with DE-CIX and how the connection to DE-CIX supports their service offerings. Read more.

DE-CIX Madrid Summit, 20 September - Registration is now open!

Join us on 20 September in Madrid for a one-day conference full of interesting presentations, lots of networking, and lively discussions about today's and tomorrow's interconnection ecosystem on the Iberian Peninsula.
Register now.

Register for EPF 13: 17-19 September in Athens, Greece

Registration is open, so make sure to save your spot for this year's European Peering Forum in Athens. We look forward to seeing you there! Three days of peering and interconnection opportunities are waiting for you.
Register now.
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A2A Smart City, as25002
Bdot Blue Infrastructure (Germany) GmbH, as43996
Datacenter One GmbH, as48918
DEMANDO GmbH, as196819
ELETRONET SA, as267613
IlmProvider Computerhandel Knoefel, as196968
JSC Capital, as35522
LLC 8-telecom, as51977
PE Besman Anastasia Aleksandrovna, as206053
Slashme BV, as25595
VainahTelecom JSC, as49724
Viettel Telecom Corporation International Business Center, as7552


AliCloud (Germany) GmbH, as45102
Dataline LLC, as50073
Host Europe GmbH, as20773
net services GmbH & Co. KG, as42965


AliCloud (Germany) GmbH, as45102
Dataline LLC, as50073
Host Europe GmbH, as20773


AliCloud (Germany) GmbH, as45102
Datacenter One GmbH, as48918
Dataline LLC, as50073
Host Europe GmbH, as20773
Ratiodata GmbH, as42605

New York

Durand Tavola Internet, Inc, as22356
Flys Interativa, as28663


Limelight Networks Inc. - Int'l HQ, as22822
Lonestar Education and Research Network (LEARN), as22645




Softnet d.o.o., as9119


Qualitynet General Trading & Contracting Co., as9155
ENOG 15, 4 June, Moscow
DE-CIX Technical Meeting 2018, 6 June, Frankfurt
AWS Summit Berlin 2018, 6 June, Berlin
SEE 7, 18 June, Timisoara
Telecom Exchange NYC 2018, 19 June, New York
NANOG 73, 25 June, Denver
Capacity Europe East 2018, 2 July, Sofia
Subsea Connect EMEA 2018, 10 July, Marseille
SANOG 32, 2 August, Dhaka
AfPIF, 21 August, Cape Town
DE-CIX Round Table Hamburg, 23 August
Capacity Africa 2018, 5 September, Kigali
DE-CIX Round Table Dusseldorf, 6 September
DE-CIX Round Table Munich,13 September
European Peering Forum 2018, 17 September, Athens
DE-CIX Summit Madrid, 20 September

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