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Two new patch robots – and a new customer portal

After announcing in the last newsletter that DE-CIX is now the first IX worldwide to offer 400-Gigabit Ethernet access technology, we are proud to announce that Patchy McPatchbot, the first patch robot at an Internet Exchange worldwide, is getting company. We will install two more patch robots, and we are looking for a name for them. For customers, we have taken the beta version of our new customer portal live, so you can already use it.

In addition, we report on how we filter at the DE-CIX route servers, on more than 100,000 available IPv4 addresses at the DE-CIX New York route servers, on our new partnership with Datacenter One, and on many more topics.

DE-CIX New York: New peak, and more than 100,000 routes available

In March, DE-CIX New York officially surpassed 100,000 available routes at the route servers. In addition, the new all-time traffic peak crossed the 400G barrier and currently is at 417G.
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First 100G customer live at DE-CIX Dusseldorf, causing a new all-time peak

The success story of the regional exchanges in Germany continues: Meanwhile, more than 100 networks are peering at each Internet Exchange: 102 networks at DE-CIX Dusseldorf, 115+ networks at DE-CIX Hamburg, and 110+ networks at DE-CIX Munich.
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First networks peer at DE-CIX Lisbon

The DE-CIX hardware in Lisbon is up and running, and the first customers are peering locally on the DE-CIX Apollon platform. In addition, one customer is already peering remotely in Madrid with the GlobePEER Remote service. Traffic numbers and connected network numbers are expected to grow, with five more customers are already eager to start with provisioning and get connected.
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DE-CIX and Datacenter One Form Partnership

DE-CIX and Datacenter One have formed a partnership which is coming into immediate effect. The aim is to offer DE-CIX’s services at the Datacenter One sites in Germany such as Leverkusen, Dusseldorf, and Stuttgart. As a first step, the Datacenter One data center LEV1 in Leverkusen will be connected to DE-CIX.
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Now live: Beta version of the new customer portal

We are happy to announce that the beta release of our customer portal is now online – welcome to the new DE-CIX customer portal! The usability of the customer portal has been increased, and the new technical setup is the basis for integrating new features, which will happen in due course.
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Soon at DE-CIX: Two new patch robots

Patchy McPatchbot, the first patch robot at an Internet Exchange worldwide, is getting company! Soon, the patch robot family at DE-CIX will grow, two new patch robots will be installed. As the installation date comes close, we are thinking about how to name the next two robots. Do you have any suggestions?
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Insights: How and what the DE-CIX route servers filter

Since the beginning of March, RPKI-based origin validation is deployed at all DE-CIX route servers. But RPKI-based origin validation is not the only filtering mechanism at the DE-CIX route servers. The filtering mechanisms that are used to filter BGP announcements are described in detail in the DE-CIX route server guides.
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New white paper: How to optimize the usage of GlobePEER and GlobePEER Remote

The new white paper shows how to keep local traffic local by using the GlobePEER service, while getting the most out of remote peering with the GlobePEER Remote service. The white paper was created with the help of a lot of peering experts, mainly our customers. Many thanks for for your help!
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Registration for EPF 14 is now open – 16-18 September, Tallinn

Together with AMS-IX, LINX, NETNOD and NIX-CZ, we are happy to host the 14th European Peering Forum (EPF) in Tallinn, Estonia from 16 to 18 September. EPF is an invitation-only event, for networks present at any of the four EPF host Internet Exchanges.
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Don't forget to register for the DE-CIX TechMeeting, 6 June 2019

Meet us in Frankfurt to talk about BGP, worldwide traffic developments, 5G use cases, standards of secure Internet routing, and many more topics. And of course: To choose the names of the next two patch robots.
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dotmagazine interview: AI for network infrastructure

In this dotmagazine interview, Dr. Thomas King, CTO of DE-CIX, gives an overview of the company’s first forays into artificial intelligence solutions for maintaining high-quality interconnection services.
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The beta version of the new DE-CIX customer portal is now live! Check it out here. We will integrate new features soon.


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