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with an efficient upgrading

We hereby suggest a pigmented finishing made more captivating and sought after by a hand rub off effect, together with an original embossing pattern destined to upholstery or leather goods articles.
The fast finishing process consists in an airless spray of standard basecoat followed by a light spray of a two tone effect, made with the DC 143 speciality.
DC 143 facilitates the subsequent embossing step and allows to be partially rubbed off only with the usage of water.
The combination of this particular embossing design with the removed effect creates a vintage look with a remarkable masking power of the defects. The final fixation with AQUAGRADE® MATT 10 and AQUAGRADE® GL 82 confers an appreciable rubbery touch, round and semibright.

Application formulation and technical data sheets available: Ref. EC-2932

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