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Upgrading Again!!

A considerable part of the most recent specialities presented by Fenice S.p.A. has been dedicated to the theme of upgrading medium-low quality leathers, with the purpose of using them and transforming them into superior quality finished articles.
In addition to the efficient range of notable sealing prebottomings SOFTY and MAKE-UP®, we would like to suggest the use of a speciality for basecoats with an imitation waxy pull-up: SUNSET®.
In the recipe that we propose, SUNSET® is spray applied after an oiled cationic prebottoming, slightly pigmented, inserted into a slightly covering, waxy, oily mixture. 
The final result grants a very uniform pull-up effect on leather, but keeping a natural not resin look, that can be topcoated with AQUAGRADE® on articles for leathergoods.      

Application formulation and technical data sheets are available on request: Ref. EC-2811

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