Formaldehyde Free Leathers 

A very simple molecule that - due to its high reactivity – plays a role in the synthesis of many different materials, but for the same reason, has been intensively investigated for its
toxicological profile.
Based on the most recent studies of risk assessment the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) has published the decision to reclassify formaldehyde as a carcinogen
substance of category 1B.
The new classification will enter into force on 1st April 2015 and it will strongly involve also the leather sector where actually for many years formaldehyde has been among the restricted substances in several finished articles (for example, but not only, in footwear).
FENICE is ready for this new evolvement and presents two specialties that are best sellers among waterbased polyurethanes for leather finishing in a new Formaldehyde Free version: GLAZING BINDER FF and UW 99 FF.
Their successful use in many finishing recipes embraces all articles, to which they offer the typical features of the original products: strong adhesion, high elasticity, outstanding softness and flexibility, very good polishing or, for GLAZING BINDER FF, glazing properties.

Application formulation and technical data sheets are available on request
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