A light, natural Brush-Off 

For a smarter look

Our proposal for this month is an innovative version of the  classical “brush-off” that, together with the waxy and the burnish effects, is still one of the most requested footwear articles.
The finish we present allows to create the typical brush-off look without the need of applying excessive quantity of material and without the application of an intermediate lacquer that would contribute to overloand the grain.
Rather than that, the Waterstain specialties used as a prebottom lead to obtain an uniform and natural aniline look and grant, at the same time, an easy removal of the over-sprayed layer with a pleasant polishing effect. 
At the end the result is a much more gentle brush-off, lighter and more elegant in respect to the typical classic effect, suitable for emphasize the articles.
-   does not overload the grain
-   no need of intermediate lacquer
-   Ideal for high quality articles

Application formulation
and technical data sheets are available on request
cite Ref. EC-2380

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