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Good evening. It’s Tuesday, September 28th, and we’re shining a light on blindspots from across the political spectrum.

We’re looking at an interview with the photographer who captured viral images of Border Patrol horse units in Del Rio, Texas, the Texas GOP’s redistricting strategy, the ACLU’s apology for censoring gendered pronouns from a famous Ruth Bader Ginsburg quote, and how different outlets are covering Democrat’s initial removal of Iron Dome funding from an important spending bill.

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Photographer who captured migrant photos says agents didn't use whips on anyone
The photographer who took the now infamous photos of mounted Border Patrol agents in Del Rio says he and his colleagues never saw agents whipping anyone. The photos caused outrage because from certain angles, it appears to show Border Patrol whipping migrants. “He was swinging it, but it can be misconstrued when you’re looking at the picture," photographer Paul Ratje said.
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8 9 Right 83%
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Texas GOP tries to protect US House seats under new maps
The new map will allow the GOP to slice up the rapidly diversifying suburbs while also leveraging its new strength in the Rio Grande Valley. Texas is gaining two districts in reapportionment, more than any other state. But the nature of Texas’ population eruption over the past decade creates limits on how far Republicans can go in pressing their partisan advantage.
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Distribution of 23 sources
Left 39% Center 44% 17%
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After Altercation at Restaurant, Black Lives Matter Claims NYC Vaccine Mandate Is Being Weaponized
Hawk Newsome, the co-founder and chairman of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, argues that the vaccine mandates are racist. Only 38% of black New Yorkers are vaccinated, compared to 49% of whites, 51% of Hispanics, 76% of Asians, and 78% of Native Americans.
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Distribution of 7 sources
14% Right 86%
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Switzerland votes to approve same-sex marriage, initial results show
Projection shows measure passing by 64% to 36%. Switzerland has authorized same-sex civil partnerships since 2007. Opponents say replacing civil partnerships with full marriage rights would undermine families. Switzerland is traditionally conservative and only extended the right to vote to all its women in 1990.
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Distribution of 54 sources
Left 54% Center 37% 9

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Louisiana state trooper charged in pummeling of Black man
Jacob Brown, a former Louisiana State Trooper, was indicted by a federal grand jury Thursday for using excessive force against a Monroe man. The indictment charges Brown with a single count of deprivation of rights under color of law. Brown also faces state charges in two other violent arrests of Black motorists, including one he boasted about last year in a group chat.
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Left 41% Center 50% 9
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2 Afghan men at Fort McCoy charged with assault, engaging in sex act with a child
Two Afghan refugees were charged with federal crimes at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin. One Afghan refugee raped a minor and attempted to rape another minor, using force – both minors were under the age of 16. The other Afghan was charged with strangling and suffocating his wife.
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6 27% Right 67%
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Schools without mask mandate 3.5 times more likely to have COVID-19 outbreaks: CDC study
Two new studies from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found fewer COVID-19 outbreaks in schools that require masks. A third study found that 96% of US public schools were able to remain fully open for in-person learning from August to September. The CDC recommends a combination of strategies — masks, vaccines, testing and social distancing — to prevent school outbreaks.
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Left 36% Center 52% 12%

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Highlighting discrepancies between the reporting on stories across different news outlets.

This week's story

House Democrats remove money for Israel's Iron Dome system in funding bill

What do the different news outlets focus on when reporting on this story?

The Independent • LEFT
AOC and ‘Squad’ defund Israel’s Iron Dome defence system from $1bn spending bill
Bloomberg • LEFT
House Democrats remove money for Israel's Iron Dome system in funding bill
Newsweek • LEFT
Israel loses out as debt ceiling fight pits progressives against Democratic leadership
Reuters • CENTER
Military aid for Israel removed from U.S. bill to fund government
The Daily Wire • RIGHT
‘Pelosi Caved’: Far-Left ‘Squad’ Blasted As Anti-Semitic For Blocking Iron Dome Funding For Israel
New York Post • RIGHT
AOC, ‘Squad’ force House Dems to spike $1B for Israel’s Iron Dome from spending bill
Washington Times • RIGHT
‘Legislative terrorists’: Far-left Democrats push Pelosi to strip Israel aid from funding bill

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Should social media companies be responsible for fact-checking content posted on their platforms?
Does the U.S. have an ethical responsibility to feed and shelter migrants fleeing economic, social, and political upheaval?

The weekly blindspot report from Ground News puts a spotlight on news that publications from one side of the political spectrum or the other had little to no reporting on.

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