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March 17 - 23

Something we'd like to introduce this week:
The Blindspotter by Ground News
Introducing the Blindspotter - a tool that enables you to visualize your news bubble on Twitter. Simply enter in your handle and our analysis will let you know if you have a balanced news diet, or if your news consumption habits lean a certain way.
The Blindspotter by Ground News

eye with a bar through it left arrows BLINDSPOT FOR THE LEFT
Migrant says he came to US border because Biden was elected, would not have tried to cross under Trump
A South American migrant who recently crossed the U.S.-Mexico border said he did so "basically" because Joe Biden was elected president and would not have tried to cross under former President Donald Trump.
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Distribution of 8 sources
Right 100%
BLINDSPOT FOR THE RIGHT right arrows eye with a bar through it
A transgender Islamic school in Pakistan breaks barriers
A long white shawl on her head, Rani Khan gives daily Koran lessons at Pakistan's first transgender-only madrasa, or Islamic religious school, which she set up herself using her life savings. The madrasa is an important milestone for the LGBTQ community in the overwhelmingly fundamental Muslim country, where transgender people face ostracism, even though
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Distribution of 9 sources
Left 56% Center 33% 11%
eye with a bar through it left arrows BLINDSPOT FOR THE LEFT
Iran's Khamenei says U.S. promises have no credibility for Tehran
Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Sunday Iran did not trust U.S. promises on lifting sanctions and that Tehran would only go back to its commitments under a 2015 nuclear deal after Washington fully ends the sanctions.
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Distribution of 11 sources
9 Center 36% Right 55%
BLINDSPOT FOR THE RIGHT right arrows eye with a bar through it
High-Income Tax Avoidance Far Larger Than Thought, New Paper Estimates
The top sliver of high-income Americans dodge significantly more in income taxes than the Internal Revenue Service’s methods had previously assumed, according to forthcoming estimates from IRS researchers and academic economists.
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Distribution of 11 sources
Left 64% 18% 18%
BLINDSPOT FOR THE RIGHT right arrows eye with a bar through it
Climate crisis: recent European droughts 'worst in 2,000 years'
Study of tree rings dating back to Roman empire concludes weather since 2014 has been extraordinary. The series of severe droughts and heatwaves in Europe since 2014 is the most extreme for more than 2,000 years, research suggests.The study analysed tree rings dating as far back as the Roman empire to create the longest such record to date.
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Distribution of 14 sources
Left 43% Center 43% 14%


Highlighting discrepancies between the reporting on stories across different news outlets.

This week's story

Federal judge warns 'dangerous' media has 'very close to one-party control' in blistering libel case dissent


What do the different news outlets focus on when reporting on this story?

Esquire · LEFT
A Federal Judge Went Full Hannity. Never Go Full Hannity.
Washington Examiner · RIGHT
Certain Supreme Court press protections 'must go' in era of 'frighteningly orthodox media culture': Judge
Political Wire · CENTER
Federal Judge Slams Press Protections
Mother Jones · LEFT
Federal judge smears the press: "A threat to a viable democracy"
Real Clear Politics · RIGHT
A Judge's Warning About One-Party Control of Media
Talking Points Memo · LEFT
Judge Accuses NYT And WaPo Of Being 'Democratic Party Broadsheets' In Bonkers Anti-1A Argument
Slate · LEFT
Federal Judge Uses Dissent to Rant About Liberal Media Bias and “Big Tech” Censorship

The weekly blindspot report from Ground News puts a spotlight on news that publications from one side of the political spectrum or the other had little to no reporting on.

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