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Blindspot Report

Week of Feb 10-16

The weekly Blindspot Report from Ground News puts a spotlight on news that publications from one side of the political spectrum or the other had little to no reporting on.

If your politics lean right, you probably didn’t hear that 1 in 5 preventable deaths in the world are caused by fossil fuels according to a new study. And if your politics bend to the left, you likely didn't hear that NATO thinks it may need to keep alliance forces in Afghanistan past US' deadline in May.

This Week's Blindspots

Blindspot for the Left:

NATO's Afghanistan withdrawal depends on violence levels, Stoltenberg says NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg called on the Taliban on Monday to reduce violence in Afghanistan and said any possible withdrawal of troops would be based on the situation on the ground. "Our common goal is clear: Afghanistan should never again serve as a haven for terrorists to attack our homelands," Stoltenberg told a news conference. He opened the door to the alliance keeping forces in Afghanistan beyond the May deadline when the US had promised to remove its remaining 2,500 troops from the country. Coverage Distribution: 6% Left 6Center 50% Right 44% 3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png

Blindspot for the Right:

Fossil fuel pollution causes one in five premature deaths globally: study Pollution from fossil fuels causes one in five premature deaths globally, suggesting the health impacts of burning coal, oil and natural gas may be far higher than previously thought, according to a study published on Tuesday. Parts of China, India, Europe and the northeastern United States are among the hardest-hit areas, suffering a disproportionately high share of 8.7 million annual deaths attributed to fossil fuels, the study published in the journal Environmental Research found. Coverage Distribution: 17% Right Left 50% Center 33% 17% 3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png

Blindspot for the Left:

Dem Sen. Manchin asks U.S. President Biden to reverse Keystone XL rejection In one of his first acts as new chairman of the Senate Energy Committee, Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin on Tuesday urged President Joe Biden to reconsider his executive order revoking a presidential permit for the long-delayed Keystone XL oil pipeline, siding with Republican critics who say Biden’s action will cost thousands of high-paying jobs. In a letter to fellow Democrat Biden, the West Virginia senator said that even without the pipeline, the oil would still find its way to the United States by rail and truck, and pointed to U.S. data showing those methods result in more spills than pipelines. Coverage Distribution: 19% Left 19% 23%Right 58% 3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png

Blindspot for the Right:

Jack Dorsey and Jay Z announce bitcoin fund as cryptocurrency goes mainstream Dorsey tweeted the news Friday, writing that they are taking applications for a "blind irrevocable trust" focused on Africa and India. He promises the fund will have "zero direction" from himself and Jay Z and that the partners are searching for three board members. Dorsey and Jay Z are investing 500 bitcoin into the project, currently worth roughly $25 million. Coverage Distribution: 14% Right Left 48% Center 38% 14% 3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png

Blindspot for the Left:

Bangladesh to move more Rohingya Muslims to remote island, despite outcry Bangladesh is moving 3,000-4,000 more Rohingya Muslim refugees to a remote Bay of Bengal island over the next two days, two officials said on Sunday, despite concerns about the risk of storms and floods lashing the site. Dhaka has relocated around 7,000 to Bhasan Char island since early December from border camps in neighbouring Buddhist-majority Myanmar, where more than a million refugees live in ramshackle huts perched on razed hillsides. Coverage Distribution: 11% Left 11% Center 45% Right 44% 3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png

Blindspot for the Right:

First They Guarded Roger Stone. Then They Joined the Capitol Attack. The New York Times reviewed hundreds of videos and photos, as well as research from the Capitol Terrorist Exposers, that showed the six people, all associated with the far-right group Oath Keepers, guarding Stone on Jan. 5 and 6 and later inside the Capitol during the breach. Coverage Distribution: 8% Right Left 75% 17% 8% 3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png

Something new we'd like to recommend this week :

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Split Reporting

Highlighting discrepancies between the reporting on stories across different news outlets. This week's story:

Cuomo acknowledges withholding nursing home deaths data

What do the different news outlets focus on when reporting on this story?

Raw Story: Andrew Cuomo lashes out at investigation threat as he comes under fire over nursing home deaths

CNN: Cuomo defends decision to delay releasing data on Covid-19 deaths at long-term care facilities in New York

The Guardian: Andrew Cuomo insists New York didn't cover up nursing home Covid

New York Times: Cuomo Accepts Some Blame in Nursing Home Scandal but Denies Cover

CBS News: Cuomo admits "mistake" in withholding nursing home deaths

Sputnik: New York Democrats Slam Cuomo Over Explanation of 'Cover-Up' of COVID-19 Nursing Home Deaths

Breitbart: Democratic Lawmaker Demands Andrew Cuomo's Emmy Award Be Rescinded Over Nursing Home Cover

The Daily Caller: Cuomo Doubles Down, Claims New York Always Fully Reported Nursing Home Deaths

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (press conference transcript): Everyone was busy. Everybody was here every day. We're in the midst of managing a pandemic. There was a delay in providing the press and the public all that additional information. There was a delay.

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Ground News processes over 30,000 news articles each day. Articles from different news outlets covering the same news event are merged into a single story so subscribers can get all the perspectives in one view. Each article is labeled one of seven bias ratings (Far Left, Left, Leans Left, Center, Leans Right, Right, Far Right) based on the average bias rating of the publishing news outlet. All news outlet bias ratings are originally sourced from three independent news monitoring agencies (AllSides, Media Bias Fact Check, Ad Fontes Media).

The Blindspot Report is generated by evaluating the mean and standard deviation of the aggregate bias ratings of the week's top 100 (most covered and most read) stories. News stories with the greatest mean score (many more Right outlets than Left or vice versa) or the highest standard deviation of bias ratings (more coverage on fringes than Center) are selected for the Report.