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Blindspot Report

Week of Jan 20-26

The weekly Blindspot Report from Ground News puts a spotlight on news that publications from one side of the political spectrum or the other had little to no reporting on.

If your politics bend to the left, you probably didn’t hear that the protestors who rioted in Seattle last week marched under a banner that said “We don’t want Biden. We want revenge for police murders, imperialist wars, and fascist massacres,”. And if your politics lean right, you likely didn't hear that the UN is urging its members to form an alliance to fight the rise in xenophobia, anti-semitism and white supremacy citing "Tragically, after decades in the shadows, neo-Nazis and their ideas are now gaining currency."

This Week's Blindspots

Blindspot for the Left:

Anti-fascist protestors block streets, set Fire in Seattle Inauguration Day protest Anti-government and anti-fascist protesters in Portland and Seattle vandalized a Democratic Party office and other buildings and scuffled with police on Wednesday, protesting against President Joe Biden’s inauguration. Coverage Distribution: 18% Left 18%18%Right 64% 3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png

Blindspot for the Right:

UN chief urges global alliance to counter rise of neo-Nazis Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged coordinated global action on Monday to build an alliance against the growth and spread of neo-Nazism and white supremacy and the resurgence of xenophobia, anti-Semitism, and hate speech sparked partly by the COVID-19 pandemic. Coverage Distribution: 5% Right Left 50% Center 45% 5 3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png

Blindspot for the Left:

Twitter refused to remove child porn because it didn’t ‘violate policies’: lawsuit alleges A lawsuit filed by National Center on Sexual Exploitation on behalf of a 17-year-old victim states that Twitter refused to take down widely shared pornographic images and videos of a the victim when he was aged 13 because an investigation “didn’t find a violation” of the company’s “policies”. Coverage Distribution: 7% Left 77Right 86% 3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png

Something we'd like to ask you this week :

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Blindspot for the Right:

Australia marks national day with protests, calming words Government leaders marked a socially distanced Australia Day with calm rhetoric on Tuesday as protesters denounced celebrations of a day some call “Invasion Day” because of historical wrongs committed against Indigenous people. Coverage Distribution: 11% Right Left 44% Center 45% 11 3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png

Blindspot for the Left:

Indonesia says it has seized Iranian and Panamanian tankers Indonesian authorities said that they seized an Iranian tanker and Panamanian tanker suspected of carrying out the illegal transfer of oil in their country's waters Sunday.The tankers were "caught red-handed" transferring oil after the crew had failed to display the vessels' national flags, turned off their identification systems, and did not respond to radio calls. Coverage Distribution: 17% Left 17%Center 33% Right 50% 3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png

Blindspot for the Right:

U.S. urges China to stop pressure against Taiwan The U.S. State Department on Saturday urged China to stop pressuring Taiwan, after the island’s defense ministry said Chinese bombers and jets entered the southwestern corner of its air defense identification zone. Coverage Distribution: 3% Right Left 28%Center 69% 3 3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png3c262c56-7d31-4ef4-9c8c-6a18c7541ae1.png

Something new we'd like to recommend this week :

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Split Reporting

Highlighting discrepancies between the reporting on stories across different news outlets. This week's story:

California governor will lift stay-at-home orders across the state

What do the different news outlets focus on when reporting on this story?

NPR: California Lifts Stay-At-Home Orders: 'Light At The End Of The Tunnel'

Variety: California Lifts State Stay-at-Home Order as Virus Spread Slows

Fox News: California lifts regional stay-at-home order amid 'positive signs' of slower spread

Newsweek: California stay-at-home order set to be lifted despite 0 percent ICU capacity

The Blaze: California Gov. Gavin Newsom will lift strict stay-at-home order as recall effort gains steam

The Gateway Pundit: Newsom Lifts Strict Stay-at-Home Order From All CA Regions Even Though Covid Cases Are Higher Than When Order Started in December

Summit.News: Governor Newsom to Lift Stay-at-Home Order Less Than a Week After Biden Inauguration

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Ground News processes over 30,000 news articles each day. Articles from different news outlets covering the same news event are merged into a single story so subscribers can get all the perspectives in one view. Each article is labeled one of seven bias ratings (Far Left, Left, Leans Left, Center, Leans Right, Right, Far Right) based on the average bias rating of the publishing news outlet. All news outlet bias ratings are originally sourced from three independent news monitoring agencies (AllSides, Media Bias Fact Check, Ad Fontes Media).

The Blindspot Report is generated by evaluating the mean and standard deviation of the aggregate bias ratings of the week's top 100 (most covered and most read) stories. News stories with the greatest mean score (many more Right outlets than Left or vice versa) or the highest standard deviation of bias ratings (more coverage on fringes than Center) are selected for the Report.