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Wednesday, Dec. 19 @ Make-Out Room, SF
It starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes, an aeroplane
Only 3 days left until the Mayanocolypse!

It's our last show of the year, so let's relive one of the best era's in American indie music - the 80's! Chronic Town plays an early show - 7:30 PM - at the Make-Out Room in San Francisco's Mission district! Because it's 80's night at Make-Out Room, we're doing an 80's-only set list of all your favorite R.E.M. tunes.

After we play our early set, "Burn Down the Disco" 80's night takes over for the rest of the evening with DJ 2Shy-shy and DJ Mely. Please share our event page with your friends and acquaintances on the web. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yelp it's all good. Have you used Do415? We're trying it out, so let people know about our show by 'liking' the event?

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We've put up a few new videos / songs from our show last month at the Starry Plough, Check out our renditions of Begin the Begin & These Days, Turn You Inside Out, and Driver 8

Finally, Chronic Town would like to collectively thank all the folks who made 2012 a very special year for us. All the R.E.M. fans who came out to see us play, the bookers, promoters & clubs who gave us an outlet- THANK YOU! We had a blast channeling the unique sound - and lyrical genuis - that only could have crawled from the South in the form of our favorite band, R.E.M.! Have a great holiday and fantastic New Year!

Make-Out Room Dec. 19th color poster

See you at the Make-Out Room!
Chronic Town

Wednesday, Dec. 19th
The Make-Out Room (Map)
3225 22nd St.
San Francisco, CA 94110
Door: 7:30 PM

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