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Summer Workshops

ComputerXplorers offers exciting and innovative technology-based activities everything from video game design and robotics to crime scene investigation and rocketeering

Our programmes are the perfect solution to those looking for lots of fun in a sociable setting while stretching their creativity, their brain cells and learning a few new skills along the way.

Catch us over the summer holidays at workshops and summer camps across Edinburgh and East Lothian. There's lots going on!

Edinburgh Programming Academy

Ages 10 - 15 years; July 20 - July 24
There has never been a more important time to learn how to code with the huge growth of the industry in the UK. The UKs video game industry is the 3rd largest in the world and estimated to be worth £17bn.
Over the course of the week we will build and develop your programming skills and show you how your interest can turn into a career.
We will take a look at Video Game Design using Kodu and Xbox controllers and you will also learn how to create and design your own app


Animate it for Juniors

Ages 6 - 9 years; July 20 - July 24
Blast off with ComputerXplorers this summer as its all about animation this week from stop motion to CGI. We have it covered! Children will also learn how to animate Lego and create their own cartoon in a world of monsters and aliens! The week will end with our very own rocket launch!


Minecraft Mania

Ages 10 - 15 years; Aug 3 - Aug 7
We've gone a bit Minecraft mad at computerXplorers this summer! We will be exploring the world of Minecraft as we learn how to create and program Minecraft robots. We will then create our very own Minecraft animation.  We will end the week by building our very own Minecraft Sword using Makey Makey

Minecraft Mania for Juniors

Ages 6 - 9 years; Aug 3 - Aug 7
Blast off with ComputerXplorers this summer as we've gone Minecraft mad! We will be exploring the world of Minecraft as we undertake a specially designed Minecraft Quest then we will be designing our very own Minecraft Comic books. The week will end with our very own rocket launch!

All of the above camps will be held at St Georges School for Girls in association with Excel Sports. See the Excel Website for further details and booking.

Midlothian Science Festival

We will be blasting off again at the Midlothian Science Festival from the 4th October - 19th October.  Watch this space for further details!

East Lothian Summer Activities

Be creative and have fun this summer. We are running a number of workshops this summer as part of the East Lothian summer Activity Programme. To book any of the workshops below call East Lothian Council on 01620 820123 


Video Game Design for Seniors

Using an Xbox controller to create and design your own game.  Students will create a range of terrains, worlds and characters, controlling the characters' movement, sound and vision using an intuitive icon-based programming language.
Musselburgh; 11August 1 - 5pm; Age 9 - 13

Video Game Design for Juniors

Love video games! Children as young as 6 years old can create their own games in this cool class! Choose your storyline with fairy princesses, dragons, or wild wacky aliens, add challenges and levels of difficulty.

Haddington; 29 July 1 - 5pm; Age 6 - 9

Lego Animation

Stop-motion animation is one of the simplest and most fun animation techniques.  Combine this with Lego and you have a winning combination for young film makers.
We will teach you the techniques you need to become a magical movie producer and produce your very own animation which can be viewed by family and friends.  Watch out Wallace and Gromit here comes ComputerXplorers!

Dunbar; 23 July 10 - 4pm; Age 7 - 12
Haddington; 24 July 10 - 4pm; Age 9 - 13
Musselburgh; 27 July 10 - 4pm; Age 6 - 9



The next level of our Minecraft program is here! Are you tired of having to mine the "boring" stuff? Did you know you can create and program Minecraft ROBOTS to do your mining for you? Learn how to code using the Minecraft ComputerCraft Mod and put those robots to work  . Children must have some knowledge of Minecraft.

Haddington; 28 July 1 - 5pm; Age 9 - 13
Musselburgh; 10 August 1 - 5pm; Age 9 - 13

App Developer

Learn how to be an app developer and create your own smartphone app! Whether it's for an iPhone or android you will learn the essentials of designing and programming a mobile app. We will be using an intuitive, easy to use platform that's perfect for first-times and loaded with features for the more adventurous

Dunbar; 4 August 10 - 4pm; Age 9 - 13

Web Design

Learn how to design and build your own website in this creative, high tech programme. Create the perfect look and feel for the chosen topic; research and write the content to communicate; pack it full of the latest multi-media features then share with family and friends

Dunbar; 5 August 10 - 4pm; Age 9 - 13
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