News update Stichting Sonoro summer 2018

The group we worked with this summer together with the donated instruments
One of the kids trying the new triangle
Dear friends of the Sonoro foundation,

In the beginning of August we resumed our yearly work for the Sonoro foundation in Mexico. We decided to give workshops to the children of the local youth orchestra in Rio Blanco. We worked especially on “how to create empathy within a group” with the aim of providing safety and a sense of inclusion. We did various exercises where children became more aware of their own behavior and that of the other. An example: we let children mirror each other in pairs. They had to pretend that one was a mirror and the other moved its hand or face. The one that played the mirror had to imitate the other’s movements. After finishing this exercise we let the children change pairs. This is a particularly effective exercise to learn to understand each other’s emotions and behavior. Another example of an exercise we did was a theatre play where we formed different groups. They all had to create a mini play about how the children experience the city they live in (Rio Blanco). Exactly in this moment the new mayor of the city came to check what we were doing, which was a perfect moment for him to see how children experience the city. The plays they created were all about violence, without mentioning anything about violence before. For example, one group pretended to have found a dead body on the street, while another one showed the robbing of another child. It was painful to see how these children experience violence on a daily basis, directly or indirectly.

Afterwards we talked (with the mayor present) about how they would like to change their city. Some of the children’s suggestions was “better communication at home”. This was exactly what we wished the children to find out as we believe that communication and education starts within the family. They also expressed a wish of having more cultural and sports centers in their city. They also wish for other children in their community to have the same positive experience by making music together.

We as a foundation believe that shared experiences create empathy which can be the first step of a positive change. The mayor was impressed by our work and would like to work with us in the future to create a bigger community event in order to reach more community members.

With your help the foundation donated two professional instruments to the youth orchestra of Rio Blanco:  a glockenspiel and a triangle as you can see on the images above.

We want to thank you for your ungoing support and interest and we hope you are having a great summer!

On behalf of the Sonoro foundation,

Felicia and Pepe.

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