November. 2014: Dog Training 601 - Clean Up & Transfer Cues
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Dog Training 601

Cues In-Depth: Clean 'Em Up and Transfer 'Em

You read last month’s article and are now revved up about cues for your dog. Now that you understand what a cue is, what makes a good cue, and how exactly to get your dog’s behavior on cue, you’re excited to move onto the next steps: cleaning up your cues and maybe even transferring cues.

We’re happy to bring you our sixth article on the nuts and bolts of dog training so you can have a well-behaved dog. This month’s article picks up where we left off and you’ll learn how to clean up your current cues and also a nifty cool skill called “transferring a cue.”

Learn how easy it is to clean up cues and how to transfer cues...

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Our goal at Smart Dog U is to help you have the best life with your dog. To that end, we're producing high-quality, short, easy to follow videos to help you have a well-behaved dog you enjoy hanging with. 

Each week, we'll post a new video on the Smart Dog Blog and on the YouTube channel. Here's what we posted in October:

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In December, The Smart Dog University blog is celebrating it's seven year anniversary! To mark the momentous occasion, we'll be sharing some past articles here for you to enjoy.

The Blog is full of articles on just about every dog training topic. Many of our articles are accompanied by videos, too, so you can get a feel for what clicker training is all about.

Here are a few past articles worth seeing: We'll be highlighting more articles in upcoming issues, too. If you don't see what you're looking for, use the search feature on the blog to really zero in on what you're looking for!

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Forward to Friend

Service Dog Training
Levi's Update

I couldn't resist this picture from vacation. I'm dreading the winter, which means cold weather AND Levi's departure. This picture makes me smile and allows me to pretend Levi's turn-in day is a loooong way away...

Levi's napping on a dog bed just under my desk as I write this. He's already done laps around the yard, chasing the leaves falling from the trees, feinting left, then right, dodging an imaginary playmate. 

He loves his training, and, being a typical adolescent, also loves his playtime, too! Our older dogs, Tango and Lily, don't play as often as he'd like, but Nemo, our middle ager, still gives Levi a run for his money each evening -- while we're trying to watch tv, naturally!

We're working on some new skills this month:
  • going up (and down) stairs one step at a time when cued
  • pushing cabinets and drawers closed
  • backing up at my side (walking backward with me)
  • going through a door, turning and waiting for me ... and more!

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ClickerExpo 2015

We're happy to report that Laurie will be speaking at both ClickerExpo's in 2015!

Expo will be held in beautiful Portland, OR in January and in Dearborn, MI in March. 

Registration is open, reserve your spot today!

Laurie will be speaking about two different topics: service dog training with the clicker and an advanced training concept called "fluency."

She'll also be running two Learning Labs (where you can bring your dog to learn right alongside you!). 

We'd love to see you at either Expo! It's a great learning experience whether you're a beginner or an advanced trainer. There's something for everyone! 

On the fence? Watch this video to see if ClickerExpo is right for you!
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