January. 2015: Dog Training 701 - Fluency
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Dog Training 701

Six Parts of Fluency: Get What You Want, When You Want It

The dog was huge. An adolescent Great Dane (about 150 pounds) walked calmly by my side into the bustling restaurant. He was the largest service dog in-training I’d ever worked with and even I wondered if I could keep him out of the way of the wait staff and patrons. After we were led to our table, I laid his mat next to my chair, cued “Mat” and spent the next hour or so enjoying a lovely meal while the dog relaxed quietly on his mat and remained out of the way.
That’s fluency at work. The dog’s successful “mat” experience was due in part to his ability to do the behavior with distractions, for a substantial length of time, and with a great deal of precision (if he weren’t squarely on that mat, he would’ve been a tripping hazard.
So what exactly IS fluency? Why should you care about it? And how can you improve your dog’s fluency? 

Read more about how fluency can improve your dog's behavior...

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The Smart Dog University blog celebrated it's seven year anniversary last month! To mark the momentous occasion, we'll be sharing some past articles here for you to enjoy.

The Blog is full of articles on just about every dog training topic. Many of our articles are accompanied by videos, too, so you can get a feel for what clicker training is all about.

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We won the lottery!
Levi's Update

Levi's scheduled turn-in date was yesterday. 

YESTERDAY.  ::Gulp::

I was as ready for the tears as I could be. I loaded him into the car before the sun came up and started the 3-hour drive to Charlottesville. 

And then turned around to come home after only 10 miles. 

No, I wasn't headed for the border (dognapping is frowned upon) with Levi, the mid-Atlantic got snow and the roads were horrible! Driving to Charlottesville was out of the question. 

I'm not going to lie: I did a little happy dance when Levi and I were safely back home. 

I know, I know, he's still going to go back. But not until the end of the month. 

Yep, I feel like I won the lottery! A few more weeks with Levi!

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ClickerExpo 2015

We're happy to report that Laurie will be speaking at both ClickerExpo's in 2015!

Expo will be held in beautiful Portland, OR in January and in Dearborn, MI in March. 

Registration is open, reserve your spot today!

Laurie will be speaking about two different topics: service dog training with the clicker and an advanced training concept called "fluency."

She'll also be running two Learning Labs (where you can bring your dog to learn right alongside you!). 

We'd love to see you at either Expo! It's a great learning experience whether you're a beginner or an advanced trainer. There's something for everyone! 

On the fence? Watch this video to see if ClickerExpo is right for you!
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