Smart Dog U's March Newsletter: Three Must Have's (From This Dog Trainer's Perspective)
puppy, puppy training, dog training, service dog training, dog classes, Smart Dog, Frederick dog training,Well here we are, finally some snow in the Mid-Atlantic. We're in the middle of our first (and only) snowstorm this winter. March brings warmer temperatures (I hope!) and lots of travel our way. We'll be at ClickerExpo in CT and a clicker horse training clinic (PA). If that's not enough, we've added a new service pup to the mix! You'll meet him in this issue! This month's newsletter feature article includes those food-stuffed toys (and a video, too!). Check in on the Smart Dog Blog to learn all about the training we're doing and to see a recent visitor! (She's got a familiar face! And she's a dog -- no surprise there!)

Laurie Luck, Professional Dog Trainer
Operation Socialization Certified Trainer
Faculty, Karen Pryor Academy

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A Baby Dinosaur

Schooner is the newest service pup in training from Service Dogs of Virginia. He came to us at 11 weeks old and has already started his training career. He attended a conference with Laurie less than 12 hours after he arrived on their doorstep. Having never worn a leash, collar, or vest, this guy took it all in stride and was caught (noisily) snoozing during parts of the conference -- including throughout Laurie's presentation on Twitter! We won't hold it against him, Twitter's pretty boring to dogs...

Schooner is in training to be a brace dog.  He's going to be someone's balance and support. Instead of a walker, his person can use him to help keep them steady on their feet. 

The early report on Schooner is good. Check the Smart Dog Blog for updates on Schooner's training progress. 
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Three Must Have's (from This Dog Trainer's Perspective)! 

I'm a practical girl; I don't want a lot of stuff taking up space. If I have something, it’s because I use it. A lot.

This article was born when I realized that over the past year, I've found myself recommending the same things to clients, both in-home training and in my group classes. These are the things I simply couldn't live without, things I use every day with my own dogs.

This month, I'll give you an inside look at the three things I can't live without (and I recommend you don't live without them either). 
Click here to see my three MUST HAVE's (printable)...  OR on the Smart Dog Blog...

March Happenings

March is a good (read: busy) month for us. We've got two animal training and behavior conferences this month: ClickerExpo and Peggy Hogan's horse training clinic (all clicker, of course). I'm really excited to work with horses. I'm a horse girl without a horse. I've always wanted one, just never had the land (or the time, budget, etc.) for one. But working with a friend who does have horses lets me dip a toe into the horse world and let's me stretch my clicker training muscles on a different species. 

Schooner, the new Great Dane service pup, presented with me at the Frederick New Media and Technology Conference. What's a dog trainer (and a dog) doing at a technology conference? We talked about Twitter and how to use it! It was Schooner's first conference presentation and I tweeted pictures and updates to celebrate this milestone. 

Monti was supposed to return to Service Dogs of Virginia this very day! Thankfully, due to the snowstorm here in the Mid-Atlantic, she's been granted a reprieve. Alas, we're only postponing the inevitable -- she'll go back in a couple of weeks. We will really miss this girl. She's impish, sweet, full of herself, very comical, and exceptionally smart. We've already put in our request to keep her if (on the off chance) she doesn't make it as a service dog. 
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Invited to Join

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) is a professional membership organization for those in the dog training profession.

The APDT invited us to join their Education Advisory Group. This means we'll get the chance to give our input on all APDT educational offerings including webinars, annual conference, online learning and more. We're 100% committed to improving our profession and educating as many trainers as we can.

We're looking forward to working together with the other members and with the APDT. 

Your Vote Counts

If Smart Dog U has done good by you and your dog, take a moment to share the word! Washingtonian magazine's biennial survey is here and they're looking for the best of the best in different dog services and offerings.

It'll take you a quick minute to recommend Smart Dog University in the Obedience School category and Laurie Luck in the Trainer category

But hurry, the survey closes at the end of March!

Woofs to you and your dog for supporting the dog-friendly training at Smart Dog University!
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Step-by-Step: How to Stuff a Kong (Video)

If you read this month's article, you know that the Kong is one of those things I can't live without.

If you've ever wondered just how you stuff a Kong for your dog to enjoy, I've got a short video to show you just how to do it. Bonus: there's a quick and easy recipe on the video, too!
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Road Trip

Tango is headed with me to ClickerExpo (tomorrow morning!) and I'm super excited to be traveling with my best boy again.

He's my favorite (everyone gasps when I say that, saying "you can't have a favorite, that's just not right"). But he is, indeed, my favorite, and I tell him that every day.

He and I are looking so forward to the road trip and the chance to get some good one-on-one training time together. It's been a long, long time since we've had that chance. 
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