Smart Dog U's October Newsletter: Teach Your Dog to Give Up Stuff
dog training, Smart Dog, dog obedience, Frederick, dog training, clicker, puppy training, puppy class, socialization, house training, potty trainingWelcome to Smart Dog U's October newsletter. We hope this newsletter finds you and your dogs well. Last month I introduced Siena, this month I'm looking for a top-notch home for the career-changed girl. All the puppy news is on the Smart Dog Blog, so check in with us there frequently! 

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Career Change for Siena

We were hoping for a miracle -- that Great Dane service pup in-training Siena could overcome her timidity and feel more comfortable in public. Alas, she was not meant to be a service dog. While it's disappointing, we don't want to put her into a situation that isn't right. Siena will be an exceptional pet dog and will excel at romping in the yard and sleeping on the couch. Sweetness oozes from this girl. I wish we could keep her here. But with three permanent dogs in the house, keeping Siena would bring an end to our service dog raising. I blogged about my dilemma. In the end, I know it's the right decision. But man, do I hate doing the right thing sometimes... Keep up on the Siena saga and find out what it takes to make this girl your own on the Smart Dog Blog
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Teach Your Dog to Give Up Stuff

Fast, easy, valuable...
  • Have you ever chased your dog when he has something of yours?
  • Has your dog ever gulped something down to avoid giving it up to you?
  • Does your dog think it’s fun to grab stuff and then play keep-away from you?
If any of those sound familiar, you’re going to like this month’s newsletter. It’s all about teaching your dog to give stuff up politely and easily. We’ll go over the reasons dog steal, the most common mistakes people make with their dog, give you some strategies to prevent the stealing in the first place, and give you step-by-step instruction on how to teach your dog to reliably offer up what’s in his mouth when asked. 
Click here to keep reading (printable)...  OR on the Smart Dog Blog...
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Adopt Siena

Sweet Siena is a fantastic puppy. I would keep her if we had room in our house for another permanent dog. The sad truth is, though, that we don't. We can't keep this silly, lovey, sweet, and fabulous pup. On the upside, YOU have the opportunity to take this girl into your life. We're very picky -- her future people will be held to a very high standard and will be interviewed by several people on the Deciding Committee. (I just made that name up, really).

Anyway, here are some of the relevant details about sweet Siena. What She Knows: she crates up beautifully and is trustworthy in both a metal wire crate as well as a soft crate. She is house trained and will scratch on the door to go out. Siena knows the basics: she can sit, down, walk on a loose leash, and come when called. If you're a reasonable driver, she rides in the car just fine. (If you drive like an Indy Car driver, she will hate you.) She is friendly with other dogs and cats, but is somewhat aloof around small children. It could be that she's simply not used to them as we don't have kids and aren't around them. 

Her perfect home has a fenced yard (no underground electric fences), and either a dog-walker or someone home during the day. 

Her ideal owner is interested in more training for Siena, and will use a clicker to continue her training (and will never use a choke or prong collar) [use a shock collar on her and I'll come use one on you], will spoil her silly, and allow her furniture privileges. Sound like a perfect fit for you? Let me know!
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