July 2017: Avoid These 4 Mistakes When You Exercise With A Dog
A little training goes a long way. 
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4 Mistakes People Make When Exercising With A Dog

Exercise with your dog.

Avoid these mistakes.

Exercising with your dog is a smart way to get in shape and also provide your dog with the exercise he needs. And, if your dog is well trained, working out with your dog makes exercise more fun. 

If you’re going out to a park or other public space to exercise with your dog, there are some common etiquette mistakes that responsible dog owners avoid. This month’s newsletter will focus on four mistakes that tick people off.

Keep reading to see if you make any of these mistakes!

Karen Pryor Academy

Goodbye, Old Friend
Tiger Lily - January 2002 - July 2017

This lovely lady, our Tiger Lily, lived a fabulous life and kept us entertained for the past 15.5 years. 

Lily's canine cognitive dysfunction and degenerative myelopathy (self-diagnosed) got worse over the past 18 months and finally it was time for us to hep her finish her days with dignity. 

We spent so many great years with her and we feel quite fortunate to have had for such a long time. But because of that very thing, her absence is profound. 

The house is quieter and emptier without our lovely Lily.  
KPA Dog Trainer Professional Course -
Washington, DC area in 2018

Come to the Nation's Capitol to learn about dog training.

Workshop during the day, sightsee (and eat some really good food!) in the evening!

It's a 6-month online and in-person program. You'll need a computer (duh), a dog (duh), and some drive and determination, and a car (I can't be your chauffeur, sorry). 

We'll meet in Arlington for four weekends, about six weeks apart. Specific dates are in the link below. Check it out!

All the details for this exciting program can be found online.

I've secured a great facility and want to see YOU there for this program! It doesn't get any better than this!
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