February 2017: Settle on a Mat
A little training goes a long way. 
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Teach Settle on a Mat

The fix for "He's too excitable."

Settle on a Mat is a lifesaver.

Is your dog a little too excited? Too excitable? Is he a maniac when people come to the door? Does he bug you when you're trying to eat dinner? Would you love to have a place where your dog could just chill out yet still be in the same room with you?

You need SETTLE. 

Well, more accurately, your dog needs settle. 

Smart Dog University

Upcoming Speaking Gigs

Wanna have some fun and learn about animal training all at the same time? 

Come to ClickerExpo in March! Whether you're a professional trainer or just really dig the idea of working cooperatively with your dog, ClickerExpo is a welcoming place to learn more about training. 

There are sessions aimed at beginners. And sessions for the seasoned trainer. All enthusiasts are welcome at Expo! It's a pretty cool place to learn -- and always lots of fun, too. 

I'm heading to Clicker Expo - Stamford (CT) in March and speaking: 
Triple Planning - Enhance Your Teaching Co-presenting with Hannah Branigan
Scratch Your Niche: Get the Clients You Want
Your Target Market: How to Have Better Clients, More Success & Way More Fun

C'mon! Join me! Better hurry, though. Expo sells out fast! Get more details and register here
Karen Pryor Academy

East Coasters!
KPA in Historic Arlington, VA

The Karen Pryor Academy  Dog Trainer Professional course is coming back to the Washington, DC area. 

Lots of history in this area, what an amazing opportunity to learn and explore our Nation's capital all in the same weekend!. At the end of each workshop day, take a quick drive and see the National Mall. Walk past some beautiful monuments. See famous landmarks such as Ford's Theater, The Kennedy Center, The White House, and more!

The Arlington (Washington, DC area), VA deadline for applying is  March 20.

Click here to 
apply now and join me in Arlington!
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Or our sweet matriarch, Lily, with her lovely grey face.

Or the handsomest yellow Labrador, Tango hanging out and recovering from surgery.

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