September 2016: Three Ways to Make Training Stick
A little training goes a long way. 
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3 Ways to Make Training Stick

Three Ways to Make Training Stick

Do this to make sure your dog listens more often!

What if I told you that YOU had the power to get your dog to listen to you more often? Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not and even better: it’s really easy!

These three things are simple enough for everyone to do with their own dog. Try it for a month and let me know how much better your dog is doing when you ask him to do something for you.

Here are three ways you can get your dog to listen to you more often...

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Upcoming Speaking Gigs

Wanna have some fun and learn about animal training all at the same time? 

Come to ClickerExpo in March! Whether you're a professional trainer or just really dig the idea of working cooperatively with your dog, ClickerExpo is a welcoming place to learn more about training. 

There are sessions aimed at beginners. And sessions for the seasoned trainer. All enthusiasts are welcome at Expo! It's a pretty cool place to learn -- and always lots of fun, too. 

Better hurry, though. Expo sells out fast! Get more details and register here
Karen Pryor Academy

Learn Dog Training in Georgia

I'm headed to Athens, GA to teach a Dog Trainer Professional course. Join me for some great learning and a lot of fun. 

The Karen Pryor Academy 6-month Dog Trainer Professional program is for the highly motivated dog trainer who is looking to advance his/her skills and career prospects to their highest levels. The program combines online learning with hands-on instruction and is divided into four online Units and four two-day hands-on workshops; complete an online Unit and then attend a two-day workshop at the end of each Unit.

Experienced trainers, including experienced clicker trainers, will find the Dog Trainer Professional program very challenging very quickly. We cover the basics of clicker training at first, but move on to advanced topics like behavior chains, shaping, cueing, TAGteach, and business planning shortly thereafter.

Apply now and join me in Athens in February!
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