June 2016: Dogs Need Vacations, Too!
A little training goes a long way. 
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Dogs Need Vacations, Too!

Dogs Need Vacations, Too

Levi's Return

If you've ever wondered if service dogs get a vacation, the answer is yes! Our door is always open for service dog pups that we've raised.

We love the chance to get to know their new families and to have a little piece of our life back with the dog that we raised. It's fun to see them as adults. They go off and work a real job with responsibilities and everything. We get to see the result of the 15 months of hard work we put in when we were raising the pup.

Until their new family drives away. Then all bets are off.

Those responsible service dogs are then allowed to have "vacation brain." They can turn all those responsibilities off for a week or two and just be regular dogs.

We hadn't seen Levi since I turned him in back in January of 2015.

It was only a year and a half, but it felt like forever. We were unable to attend Levi's graduation ceremony because of one of my work commitments, so we were overdue for a Levi-fix.

Read about Levi's adventures on vacation...

Become a Dog Trainer!
Upcoming Karen Pryor Academy Places & Dates

Election Year in The Nation's Capital

Elections have absolutely nothing to do with dog training, but it's all over the news lately and I WILL be a stone's throw from the White House, so what the heck.

And my friends in the south? Heading to see you, too! And my locals in the DMV!
For both Georgia and Virginia, I'll be offering the standard "regional" program: four 2-day workshops spaced about 6 weeks apart. It's a great time, I'd love to have you along for the fun (and educational) ride!

Upcoming Cities (with application deadline)
D.C. Metro - Apply by July 1
Athens, GAApply by December 19

If you've been thinking about making a change in your life and doing something you love, check out the Dog Trainer Professional program. 

Benefits of This Course
  • Educational. Take your teaching and training skills to the next level.
  • Real. Learn hands-on from our accomplished faculty in 4 two-day workshops.
  • Convenient. Study at your convenience online.
  • Collegial. Join a network of positive reinforcement trainers.
  • Smart. Accelerate your career with our unparalleled marketing support.
  • Rewarding. Rewarding. Earn CEUs from IAABC, CCPDT, and AAVSB RACE program.
If you're interested in learning more about dog training or making a career switch, check out the Dog Trainer Professional program. 
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