Smart Dog U's January Newsletter: Fetching! Teach Your Dog How
puppy, puppy training, dog training, service dog training, dog classes, Smart Dog, Frederick dog training,Welcome to Smart Dog U's January newsletter. A brand spanking new year. Oh, the potential! Do you have any resolutions for your DOG in 2013? We do at Smart Dog U - we want to give the dogs here a chance to use their brain every single day. We've been slacking on Monti's training as we prepped for Christmas and New Year, but 2013 gets us back on track! Check in on the Smart Dog Blog and find out what we're doing to keep our dogs' using their noodle!

Laurie Luck, Professional Dog Trainer
Operation Socialization Certified Trainer
Faculty, Karen Pryor Academy

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Train Your Dog Month

January is Train Your Dog month. We'll be talking all month about ways you can have a better behaved dog, so be sure to visit the Smart Dog Blog all month for dog and puppy training tips you can use to get your dog to listen! To get you started, here's a webpage filled with good Train Your Dog month tips!
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Fetching! Teach Your Dog to Bring You Anything

What Is It? Fetching, retrieving – whatever you want to call it, having your dog bring something to you is not only helpful, but it’s also a cool way to exercise your dog and impress your friends! So what exactly does it mean when your dog fetches something? It’s pretty straightforward: you throw something and your dog brings it back for you. When trained to it’s highest level, you can name the object you want him to retrieve and just tell your dog to go find it and bring it to you. 
Why Is It Important? Fetching is important because it allows you to use your dog as a personal butler. Just checking to make sure you’re still paying attention. While it would be helpful for your dog to be your butler and bring your slippers and the newspaper every morning, it’s also important because you can use this to get your dog to exercise more. If you can throw something and get your dog to bring it back to you, you can efficiently exercise your dog without chasing him all over the backyard just to get the ball to throw it again. 
Click here to keep reading (printable)...  OR on the Smart Dog Blog...
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K9 Nose Work - Our First Trial

A few weeks ago, Nemo and I experienced our first K9 Nose Work trial. It was super fun and we had a ball hanging out with each other all day. Nemo rocked three of the four elements (Vehicles, Interiors, Exteriors), but those pesky containers tripped him up. The day was long (we were gone from 6a - 7:45p), but we had fun and we learned a lot. This was my first foray into anything competitive in about 35 years. I hate competition. But K9 Nose Work is different. Everyone can earn their NW1 title. Everyone! Yes, there are prizes for those who find the hide the fastest, but the bottom line is everyone can "win" and earn their NW1. 

I went back on Sunday to work as a volunteer and here's what I love the most about the sport: I wanted everyone to find the hide. I was cheering them on (in my mind so as to not screw them up) and was genuinely happy when the teams were successful. I'm not alone -- all the volunteers (and competitors) are equally supportive. It was refreshing. You can bet Nemo and I will be trying for our NW1 title again. 

Interested in K9 Nose Work for your dog? You're in luck! We're starting a new K9 Nose Work class later this month (January)! Sign up now, though, because this class is popular! Watch this video of some of our students in action
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Career Change in 2013?

Thinking about a career change in the new year? Karen Pryor Academy can help you keep your resolution! Laurie Luck is offering the Dog Trainer Program in Maryland and Missouri (St. Louis). If you're interested, get cracking! Applications are due for St. Louis by the end of January. For KPA in Maryland, applications are due in April! I'd love to see you there! Here's more information about the Dog Trainer Program: 
  • Educational. Take your teaching and training skills to the next level.
  • Real. Learn hands-on from our accomplished faculty in 4 two-day workshops.
  • Convenient. Study at your convenience online.
  • Collegial. Join a network of positive reinforcement trainers.
  • Smart. Accelerate your career with our unparalleled marketing support.
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January Events

Sunny Orlando, here I come! Mid-month I'm heading to North American Veterinary Conference (NAVC) in beautiful, warm, and sunny Florida. I'll be a behavior geek -- checking out some of the sessions on veterinary behavior and getting my brain filled with the latest findings in the field. While I love working with dog owners and their dogs, I find it even more gratifying to be part of the team with the owner and veterinarian. Stay tuned to @smartdogu on Twitter, I'll be tweeting from the conference floor and seminars while I'm there!

I'll also be traveling with Monti to Service Dogs of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA next week. I'll get to see Sweet Baby Caysun (our previous service pup in training) while I'm there showing SDV all that Monti has learned. 
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New Puppy?

Did you get a Christmas puppy? You need New Year puppy training then! Don't wait, your pup is already learning! Make sure your pup learns good habits, not bad! Learn how to deal with house training, puppy nipping, jumping, and chewing. We have a rolling enrollment, so you can start anytime! Puppy Charm School is open only to puppies until they are 18 weeks old -- then they're not really puppies anymore, so what are you waiting for!?
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