Smart Dog U's November Newsletter: Are Your Expectations Reasonable? 
puppy, puppy training, dog training, service dog training, dog classes, Smart Dog, Frederick dog training,Welcome to Smart Dog U's November's newsletter. We hope this newsletter finds you and your dogs well. We're going to talk about expectations (your expectations of your dog) and if they're fair. On another note, we've added a new service puppy in trainig. Heeeeeeere's Asti Spumante (Monti, for short)! Back to Labradors for the time being. All the puppy news is on the Smart Dog Blog, so check in with us there frequently! 

Laurie Luck, Professional Dog Trainer
Operation Socialization Certified Trainer
Faculty, Karen Pryor Academy

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Welcome Monti!

There's a new girl in town. And this one's cuter than cute. She's never met someone she doesn't like. And confidence is her middle name. Her name is Asti Spumante, but we're calling her Monti for short.

She's about 12 weeks old now and is an eager learner. She jumped into the pool the first day here, sauntered up to the kitty (who has all her claws) and introduced herself, and our house hasn't been the same since. She got to overlap with sweet Siena for a week, and those two became fast friends. It was lovely to see and for a very brief moment, I wished I could keep them both!

Monti has visited the local Wegmans grocery store and has begun her training in earnest for service work. Temperament won't be an issue for this spitfire - she's about as adaptable and unflappable as they come! Keep up with Monti (if you can!) on the Smart Dog Blog
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Are Your Expectations for Your Dog Reasonable?

Too high? Too low?

There’s a middle ground for everything. When it comes to their dogs, though, owners usually expect too much or too little from their dogs. From those that expect too much, it goes something like this:
He knows how to sit! He’s just too stubborn to do it when people come over.

Or, for those that expect too little, it’s a version of this sentiment:
Oh, he’s just a puppy -  you can’t expect a puppy to know how to sit at this age! (Mind you, their dog could be 8 years old, but this is the language they use).

The problem with both of these viewpoints is that the expectations of the owner are way off. This month’s newsletter will take a look at our expectations and help you decide if you’re being fair to your dog, or if you’re just making excuses for your dog’s not-so-polite behavior. 
Click here to keep reading (printable)...  OR on the Smart Dog Blog...
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Nose Work Class!

Does your dog ever drive you batty on walks when he wants to sniff, sniff, sniff? Can your dog find a single piece of food that's fallen into the sofa cushion? Ever wondered just how powerful your dog's nose really is?

Now you can find out! Enroll in a Nose Work class and put your dog's nose to the test! You can play games like the professional working dogs do. Instead of drugs or explosives, though, we find fun stuff! Class starts November 29 and runs for 8 consecutive weeks. Better register now, this class fills fast! 

Watch this video of some of our students in action! That could be you with YOUR dog! Join us - register now!
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