Smart Dog U's September Newsletter: How to Teach Your Dog to Stay
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puppy, puppy training, dog training, service dog training, dog classes, Smart Dog, Frederick dog training,Sit! Stay! I hope you'll like this issue of Your Smart Dog. We've got a lot of exciting news. First, let's talk about stays and waits. In September's issue, I explained the difference between a wait and a stay. This month, you're going to learn HOW to teach them!

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How to Teach Your Dog to Stay

It’s the first question asked in my group classes: I want my dog to stay, how do I teach it? You’ll learn how to teach stay, as well as how to teach wait by the end of this article. Wondering what the difference is between the two? It’s a pretty big difference and you can read an article about that difference here. Let’s get started with how to teach these behaviors.

When Teaching Wait vs. Stay
The only difference in teaching these two behaviors comes at the very end. The difference is: how you release your dog. From a stay: you’ll always come back to your dog to release him from a stay. From a wait: you can release your dog at anytime from a wait, no matter where you are (i.e. you don’t need to come back to your dog to release him). Why the seemingly miniscule difference? When you put your dog in a stay, you’re telling him to cement himself there, don’t even think about moving. If you always come back to him to release him, he won’t anticipate the release. This is important. If you’ve put your dog in a stay to open the door to sign for a package, you don’t want him to anticipate the release and fun out the door. If, on the other hand, you routinely call your dog from a stay, he’s very likely to anticipate and break the stay, potentially putting himself in danger as he runs out the door. 
Click here to continue reading how to teach stay and wait...with a video demonstration!

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