July 2015: 4 Things Dog Trainers Do (That You Might Not)
A little training goes a long way. 
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4 Things Dog Trainers Do (That You Might Not)

4 Things Dog Trainers DO

(That You Might Not)

Last month’s article (4 Things Dog Trainers DON’T Do), was sparked by a conversation I had with colleagues over lunch. After talking about all the things most professional dog trainers don’t do, it’s time to turn the tables and explore the four things professional dog trainers do (that dog owners may not). 

The point of these articles is to shine a light on some things you may want to use with your own dog.  These aren’t secrets really, but things you may not be aware of and that might lead to positive changes in your household and with your dog. 

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My father, who owns a plumbing company, despises garbage disposals because he says they are nothing but trouble waiting to happen (stopped up drain). A professional firefighter friend doesn’t have any power strips in her house (fire hazard). Professional dog trainers, too, do a lot of things very differently than pet owners.

Why do professionals do things differently than non-professionals?

Continue reading about the 4 things dog trainers don't do...
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