October. 2014: Dog Training 501 - Cues In Depth
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Dog Training 501

Cues In-Depth: What Makes a Good Cue, What's On Cue, and How Do You Add a Cue?

We started a series in June to bring the nuts and bolts of dog training directly to your email box. Everyone who has a dog can improve his or her dog’s behavior. But sometimes, just getting started can be overwhelming. Or the first little speed bump you hit on your training road can be just enough for you to say “I’ll get back to this later.” 

We want you to be successful from the beginning and have your training take off like a rocket ship! To that end, here’s our latest article in the series. Last month we talked about cues (which used to be referred to as “commands”). We’re taking a closer look at cues because this is where some people sort of fall off the “training wagon.”

We’re going to look in-depth at cueing: first, what makes a good cue; next, what does it mean when a behavior is “on cue?” Finally, how do you actually get a behavior on cue?

Learn the importance of cues and how you can use them to get reliable behavior from your dog...

Train in Your Living Room

Smart Dog U How-To Dog Training Videos

Our goal at Smart Dog U is to help you have the best life with your dog. To that end, we're producing high-quality, short, easy to follow videos to help you have a well-behaved dog you enjoy hanging with. 

Each week, we'll post a new video on the Smart Dog Blog and on the YouTube channel. Here's what we posted in September:

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Is there a vexing problem you'd like Smart Dog U to address in our videos? Let us know, we'd love video ideas!

SDU Talk Now On Demand

ClickerExpo Talks Available on Video

If you've ever wanted to attend ClickerExpo, but didn't know what it was all about, here's your chance to get a taste!

Many of the talks given at ClickerExpo were recorded on video! Catch Laurie's talk "At Your Service: Teaching Service Dog Behaviors" here. The 45-minute talk was recorded at the Norfolk, VA ClickerExpo. 

If that takes you to an invalid page (it works on my computer, but others have emailed me saying the link was invalid), go to Karen Pryor's Video page and type "Laurie Luck" in the video search box. There are LOTS of valuable and interesting talks listed, check 'em all out!

Bonus: Watch Levi fall off the stage (he was unhurt, don't worry) as he gets so into his chewie bone that he forgets he's even on stage!
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Service Dog Update
Levi's Progress

Levi is a joy to work with. He's one of the smartest dogs I've had the pleasure of teaching and I'm sad that he'll be leaving us right after Christmas. 

He's making terrific progress (have you seen his Stay videos?) 

We've got our latest list of behaviors to teach, so stay tuned to the Smart Dog University YouTube channel -- Levi shows up a lot in our videos!

Places Levi's Visited
Levi had a busy month! Public access is one of the important skills we work on throughout all of his training, regardless of what specific behaviors we're working on. Here are some of the places he's worked lately:
  • dentist office (he settled nicely on his mat during the whole appointment!)
  • cafe
  • grocery store (Levi is practicing his "go in" in the picture above)
  • Tractor Supply store
  • local park (soccer fields)
  • local park (trails)
  • bank
  • hair salon
Levi will be around awhile longer, thankfully. This one's going to be a tough goodbye. 

ClickerExpo 2015

We're happy to report that Laurie will be speaking at both ClickerExpo's in 2015!

Expo will be held in beautiful Portland, OR in January and in Dearborn, MI in March. 

Registration is open, reserve your spot today!

Laurie will be speaking about two different topics: service dog training with the clicker and an advanced training concept called "fluency."

She'll also be running two Learning Labs (where you can bring your dog to learn right alongside you!). 

We'd love to see you at either Expo! It's a great learning experience whether you're a beginner or an advanced trainer. There's something for everyone! 

On the fence? Watch this video to see if ClickerExpo is right for you!

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