October 2012 edition: changes now bring changes later. | Name changes, seasonal adjustments, and winners!
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It's fall! Temperatures are dropping--are you ready?
Well-timed creativity now can save you effort, time, and money later.
Be warm and energized, now and later.

Michael, Susan, Marcey, & Leah
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 THE simply satisfying, powerfully unique bite-sized energy snack bars you know & ♥ 
Veggie 'Waste' to Soup Stock

Veggie 'Waste' Soup Stock 
Start with basics like onion skins and carrot tops, but add more: variety is good! Keep vegetable odds and ends tucked away in your freezer until you have at least two cups, and a couple of hours to let it simmer with spices and herbs of your choice. Let it cool completely, freeze in ice cube trays, and use it to nourish you with good flavor and rich nutrition!  A beautiful illustrated recipe (from one of our favorite sites They Draw & Cook).

'Extra' Bags  Bulk Food Carriers 
How awesome to hear people say 'I brought my own' in response to 'Paper or Plastic,' at the check out. You can also BYOB* to the bulk food section! Fill them up with affordable grains & beans (to add to that soup you'll make). If you empty them immediately into jars when you get home, then you can put those bags right back inside your tote bag, ready for your next trip.
We found some neat DIY jar label ideas on Pinterest. And, have you seen what our friends at Snack Taxi make? Sweet re--usable bags! With special ones for our Gluten-Free line!
*Bring Your Own Bag

Change  Change. With just a couple of quarters, you'll get a serving of Chunks of Energy from a bin at a store near you. (Did you bring a bag?) Way more quarters will get you a ten pound box from our website, but it will end up saving you 'quarters' in the long term! Free shipping & the lowest price per pound. Chunks of Energy last about 3 months in an airtight container in the refrigerator, if you can resist the temptation! They keep practically indefinitely if frozen, right next to your future soup stock. No matter how many quarters you spend, you are investing in healthy changes to your body. Check out our site.
  • Congrats to Sue & Christine, winners of the Cacao Goji Berry Chunks of Energy giveaway on facebook.
  • Thanks to Lora who will soon post an interview with Chunks of Energy creator, Michael. 
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  • On Wednesday, October 3, we will be changing some of the names of the Chunks of Energy flavors. Here's a sneak preview:
       ---Carob Joy with Banana
       ---Cha Cha Chia
       ---Chocolate Paradise


  • "...the best ever...! " (from @davidthelazar to us @ilovechunks)
  • "Goji Cacao are Paleo!!! Yippeeeeee!" from Christine on facebook. We have 12 flavors that are suitable for those who eat Paleo style!
For how many years have you been enjoying Chunks of Energy? Tell us on facebook!
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