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Greetings from us here at Chunks of Energy! In the spirit of this season of giving, we have some news to share, and some treats to offer:

NEWS new website | new flavor 
| superfood powders | gluten-free certification
GIFTS deal on Organic flavors | free superfood powders | offers for friends

Thank you so much for your continued support of our small business. Your ideas, your encouragement, your feedback, and your recommendations all help this business grow, without raising prices ($6.80 a pound or .45 an ounce) so more people enjoy more healthy food.  From our family to yours, we wish you a holiday season full of super health, super happiness, and super good foods!

Be well,
Michael, Susan, & Leah

P.S. To ensure that your shipment arrives by December 25, please order by Thursday, December 17. In general, orders placed by Thursday will be shipped the following Monday. A gift of Chunks of Energy shows that you care about someone’s health and happiness.
P.P.S. Shipping is free!

New Website Launched!

Have you seen our brand new site? It is still at and we invite you to take a look. What we’ve heard from you is that you like the simplicity and the ease of navigation. Good! This was our objective. Of course, our online presence is always a work in progress and we will be rolling out other improvements as time passes; please don’t hesitate to drop us a line (by phone, email, facebook, or twitter) to make suggestions or share what you do like.

New Flavor: Date Flax with Turmeric

Have you had your turmeric today? This root, a relative of ginger, has been getting more attention lately for its positive health benefits shown by recent (and older) research. It contains curcumin, which is suggested to combat tumors, arthritis, oxidation, inflammation and neural degeneration. Wow! It was fun to develop this flavor and see that it is, for many people, the first they have heard about turmeric as a superfood. This is our goal: to introduce this spice to more people. This flavor is raw, organic, and vegan. It is sweetened with fiber-rich dates (no refined sugar), and is salt-free. Try some today, and keep reading to find out how you could get a free sample. This is organic!

Superfood Powders

Very soon we will be selling organic superfoods online at unbeatable prices. To find out when they will be available, like us on facebook! We will offer:
  • spirulina powder ($24/lb)
  • supergreens powder ($28/lb)
  • lightly roasted carob powder ($3.85/lb)
  • raw cacao powder ($7.50/lb).
These are all organic!

Gluten-Free Certification

Yes, that’s right. We will soon be selling 5 flavors of Chunks of Energy that have been certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. These will be packaged (9 oz), because it is the way to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. The flavors are Carob Supergreens, Date Flax with Turmeric, Cacao with Goji Berries, Lemon Pomegranate, and Chia Orange. These are also Organic, vegan, and 3 of the flavors are raw. Please note that although Chunks of Energy sold in bulk are not certified Gluten-Free, they do not, in fact, contain gluten, so are suitable for those who wish to avoid gluten (but aren’t highly allergic).
Organic Chunks of Energy

Save $19 on 10 Pounds

Choose 2 of our 7 Organic flavors, and we'll send you 5 pounds each, for $67. (Reg. $43/5 pounds.) Offer good untl the end of January. Contact us directly!

Gift for you!

The next 50 orders will include a free gift of your choice: raw cacao powder, or supergreens powder. (Both are organic!) After you order, please email us with your choice.

Gift for you & a friend!

Now is a great time to be a fan, and to share us. Starting today at noon EST, the first 20 new fans will get a free sample of either date flax with turmeric, or carob supergreens…and the chance to get an extra gift of Chunks of Energy to share with a friend!  
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