JUNE 2013 | CONNECTING at the wrapping up of Spring. You could win!
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Cha Cha Chia | USDA certified organic, raw, vegan, with Gluten-Free available


Let's connect & you could win!

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The winner (chosen at random) will receive 5 pounds of one of the following organic flavors as a thank you for inspiring us. We are honored to be part of your day!

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Shout Outs
You'll find the lowest prices & free shipping in our online store, but you'll be able to get small quantities and faster shipping (and shipping outside the USA) from these online retail partners: 

>> Puritan's Pride
3 flavors of Chunks of Energy in 7 ounce packages 
There is a sale going on now!

12 flavors of Chunks of Energy in 8 ounce packages, 10 pound boxes, and sample sizes
They offer an 'assorted bag'--perfect if you like variety!

Coming Up
  • Revamped Online is about to get so much more friendly for you, user!
  • Superfoods Recipes. Stay tuned on instagram where we'll be featuring ways to incorporate superfoods into your diet. We sell organic raw cacao powder, organic carob powder, organic spirulina powder, organic supergreen mix.                  >> Visit our store.

  • On our site: Chunks of Energy are the highlight of my day
  • On facebook: The best part about it is that I do not feel heavy after eating it as it happens after eating pastry/cookies...
  • On instagram: Nom bomb aka #chunksofenergy from #raisinrack helping me get my studying done :)

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Since 1992, our family-owned and operated business works to get more super foods to more people in the shape of bite-sized energy bars. It is our passion for simple quality ingredients, and your stories of how you use our product that inspire us every single day.

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To empower people to fulfill potential, by recognizing and celebrating the constant exchange of chunks of energy.