April 2012 edition: connections worth sharing! (Gifts for friends | Good energy for all | More)
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Happy Spring!

'Tis the season of connecting! Bikes meet the road. Sprouts greet the sun. Neighbors wave, outside once again. And all over the country, bodies rediscover the unique joys of stretching sleepy muscles, hopping over wonderful puddles, jump-roping, planting, striding, reaching, climbing...and so much more. All of this movement is made possible by good food. And it is made better by good company.
How do YOU move? Who do you move with? We want to know.
And we want to make you GO!

We created Chunks of Energy to connect people to simple sources of powerful energy. Below are some ways that they put a spring in your step.
With you every step,
Michael, Susan, & Leah

P.S. Every day we hear from a whole bunch of different people who GO and DO because of us. Thank you to everyone who shares these stories with us (and shares Chunks of Energy with friends).
 THE simply satisfying, powerfully unique bite-sized energy snack bars you know & ♥ 
Chunks of Energy site

Superfoods. We believe that every food has the right to be super. This is why we don't use fillers or un-food-like items. We use dates, nuts, or seeds as our base, and then add what is recognized for their powerful attributes: spirulina, carob, chia seeds, turmeric, and more. You'll see what we mean if you check out the ingredient lists.

Chunks of Energy site
Price per pound. It is super low, especially considering the nutritional punch they pack. More power per penny! (Plus, you can decide exactly how much you want.) Next time you're shopping, do your own pound for pound comparison and you'll see.

Chunks of Energy site

Really really remarkably rave-worthy YUMMY. Have you ever had JUST one? Check out what people say on our site, our social media portals, in product reviews*...and try them yourself! (*A Google search of 'Chunks of Energy reviews' can help you, or check out

Chunks of Energy site

Invisible Packaging. What we mean is: NO packaging. None on the product, and none to throw away. Simple!
Chunks of Energy site

No body left out. There are Chunks of Energy for vegans, for athletes, for raw food fans, for celiacs and their friends. We've got organic ones, salt-free ones, soy-free ones, and really chocolatey ones. Parents like giving them to their kids. Kids like 'em. And for the DIY crowd, we even sell some of the key ingredients (supergreen powder, spirulina, cacao, and carob--organic and affordable)

Chunks of Energy site

GO! They are true to their name. Chunks of Energy-- simple.
  • The Mariposa Food Coop (Philly, PA) & the Brattleboro Food Coop (Brattleboro, VT) are expanding! We love seeing our partner stores grow. 
  • Snack Taxi makes fabulous reusable sandwich and snack bags. We love being neighbors with innovative, small, family-owned businesses like this one! (Yes, Chunks of Energy fit very well inside Snack Taxis!)
Know a business, community group, organization, etc. that deserves a shout out? Let me know.

Any events you'd like us to help you share? Let me know.

  • "Great for taking to the airport for a healthy gluten-free alternative to a bag of chips, or to feed your child at the playground … or just about any time you want to keep your energy up! " (from Celiac Corner's recent review)
  • "Best road trip snacks ever. My whole family gave them a two thumbs up." (@kbstudio on twitter)
  • pin pip tick...what's the sound of a pin? Whatever it is, we hear it a lot now that we just got set up on pinterest!
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Chunks of Energy
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April 2012 edition: connections worth sharing

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