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Issue #246 March 15th, 2018
Sorry, we had to resend as there was an issue with all the EmberConf video links.

Hello from Portland! EmberConf 2018 has come and gone so quickly. We've got all the links you need to catch up on what happened whether or not you were here.

Make sure you watch the opening keynote. 2018 is looking like an amazing year for Ember!

Opening Keynote
by Yehuda Katz & Tom Dale
Ambitious for All: Accessibility in Ember
by Melanie Sumner
Everything They Didn't Tell You About the Ember Community
by Jessica Jordan
The Next Generation of Testing
by Tobias Bieniek
Jamie White
by Say More
Who Moved My Cheese? Ember's New Filesystem Layout
by Matthew Beale
Mastering the Art of Forms
by Danielle Adams
How to Build a Bonfire: On Training and Hiring New Devs
by Taylor Jones
Living Animation
by Edward Faulkner
The Future of Data in Ember
by Dan Gebhardt
Smartphone Symphony
by Gavin Joyce
Reuse, Recycle: One Team’s Journey From Projects to Products
by Sarah Bostwick
Deep Dive on Ember Events
by Marie Chatfield
Building a Memex in Ember
by Andrew Louis
Prying Open the Black Box
by Godfrey Chan
Creating Fluid App-Like Experiences With Ember
by Nick Schot
Closing Keynote
by Saron Yitbarek & Vaidehi Joshi


Ember Inspector Updated to 3.0.0
Ember CLI Fastboot Updated to v1.1.3

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Ember.js Contributors Workshop Resources
Resources created by Jen Weber and Ricardo Mendes for you to run your own Ember.js Contributor's Workshop.
RFC #117 - Add a Service Worker with minimal asset caching to a default Ember CLI application
A proposal to add Service Worker to the default app blueprint that caches the most important assets of an Ember app.
LinkedIn - Lighter than Lightweight: How We Built the Same App Twice with Preact and Glimmer.js
LinkedIn built the same app and Preact and Glimmer.js and compared the results.
RFC #311 - Introduce <AngleBracketInvocationSyntax />
This RFC introduces an alternative syntax to invoke components in templates
Web Development & Ember.js
Slides from a talk with Alberto Cantú and Gustavo Rodríguez
Javscript Report - An Interview with Tom Dale of Ember.js
In this interview, Tom Dale talks about the history of Ember.js.
Dockyard - Smart Compression for Your Ember App
pzuraq - Ember CLI Addon Docs: Shared Documentation for the Ember Ecosystem
History and tutorial on how to use ember-cli-addon-docs to document your Ember addons in a simple and unified way.
Ember CLI in 2018
A public discussion on Ember CLI pain points and plans for improvement.
Alex Diliberto - Talk Notes from EmberConf 2018
Alex's personal notes from select talks at EmberConf 2018.
GitLab 10.1 released with Image Discussions promoted
Manage your visual assets like you manage your code. Collaborate on design socially with resolvable image discussions. You can easily target a specific coordinate of an image and start a discussion around it.

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Ember HBS Minifier
An addon for stripping whitespace out of your Handlebars templates.
Liquid Tether Fixed
An addon that provides a toolkit for both positioning & animating UI elements using Ember Tether and Liquid Fire.
Ember Glimmer Component
An addon for using Glimmer components in the canary build of Ember.
Ember Feature Controls
An addon for displaying an adminstrative panel for enabling or disabling feature flags.
Ember CLI Markdown Codefences
An addon for generating tests for markdown codefences.
Ember CLI Remark
Ember wrapper for remark-lint.
Ember Mobile Menu
An addon providing a draggable sidebar specifically tailored to mobile devices.
Ember CLI Can
Simple authorization addon for Ember apps.
Ember Validate
Validate.js as ES6 Module for Ember apps.
Ember Resolver 4.5.4 Released
Updates MU trees and closes issue
Ember Sinon Qunit 3.1.0 Released
Sets RSVP as the default promise library for the sandbox, so that methods like stub.rejects will use the same Promises that you use elsewhere in your Ember app.
Ember Pell 1.3.0 Released
Includes a stable version of Pell.
Ember Radical 1.8.3 Released
Fixes an IE Edge-specific issue where close svg steals click event, preventing modal close.
Ember Data Change Tracker 0.7.4 Released
Adds method saveTrackerChanges, alias for saveChanges, and adds an except option to save all changes except the attributes and relationships you don't want to save.
Ember Lifeline 3.0.0 Released
APIs expanded to include functional counterparts, mixin surface area reduced in favor of delegating to functional equivalent, and deprecation of instance arrays for tracking task and event dependencies for objects.
Ember CLI Sentry 3.0.0 Released
Breaking changes, enhancements, and updated documentation.
Corber 1.2.4 Released
Fixes #466 livereload issues for Ember/corber start, shows an error if prepare has not been run before listing emulators, and renames EmberCordovaError to Corber Error.


The EmberMap Podcast - Oli Griffiths on the Benefits of Static Typing and How Broccoli Works
Oli talks about his experience using typed languages, what kinds of benefits static could bring to the Ember developer experience, and his then upcoming EmberConf training on Broccoli.js.
Ryan Tablada - Productive Frontend Test Driven Development That Actually Works
Ryan demonstrates live test driven development in Ember at Little Rock Tech Fest 2017.
Billy Le - Build a Gatsby js and Deploy with Netlify
Billy gives a lightning talk on Gatsby.js and deploying a website with Netlify at the Sacramento JS meetup.
Ember Indy - Learn how to FastBoot with Joe Heth
Joe demonstrates the Fastboot addon, data storage, and the deployment process for apps using Fastboot.


Ember.js Atlanta Meetup
Monthly Meetup
Ember.js Seattle
Project Night: Post-EmberConf Optimism
Ember.js NYC
Core Team Member Ed Faulkner on "Designing for Learning", plus lightning talks
Ember ATX
Ember ATX Meetup
Ember.js Atlanta Meetup
Ember Project Night
Ember.js Belgium
Hello Spring (not the Java framework)
Ember.js Indianapolis
Incrementally Adopting Apollo and GraphQL with Indy Tech Talks
EmberJS Houston
Monthly Ember.js Houston Meetup
Ember.js Amsterdam
Ember Meetup #14

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