Thanks from Aoeria to everybody who's been listening, seen a show, or has supported us in any way! We reached #29 in New York on Reverbnation thanks to you and we are offering Waterwheel and Praise to All You Hear CD/DVD packs for $5 this weekend! Like us (if you haven't already), listen to and download songs for free, and get the albums. and Enjoy the festivities!

Aoeria T-Shirts, Posters, & Music!

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Every order goes directly to supporting us. As independent music makers we create because we love doing it. Your appreciation and support as fans means more than you could know and really helps keep us going. Thank you all and enjoy the summer!!

Here's a few links for those of you looking for our music or who would like to share it with their friends and loved ones:
For official releases visit: Amazon - iTunes

CdBaby-BandDirect-- Our way of giving thanks by offering the album at our cost!

We also added High Definition (for audiophiles) downloads of Waterwheel and Praise to All You Hear on Bandcamp - please read their FAQ

You can also find us on streaming services such as Spotify, Rhapsody, and Google Play

Album Updates:

We also have been posting rough sketches of other new songs that we come up with along the way, check out Soundcloud - Bandcamp - and YouTube (in studio videos comng soon)!

Here's a few updates about the new album from Frank:

Several songs have vocals fully recorded and more are on the way. The sound of the next Aoeria album is really coming together with thanks due to the patient way it's been recorded,
gathering experience and musical expressions over the past few years of playing with musicians like Sal and Toby
and on stages across the Long Island area.

Aoeria Online:

For day-to-day news, pictures, song links, and show announcements please visit Facebook Twitter or Google+  
We even have a Waterwheel mini-site that brings you into the experience of our first album.  Look for the link on the bottom of the page.

If you'd like to become a street team member and help spread the word or would like to ask us any questions,
email for pictures, links, mp3s, and anything else you might like.   Email

Listen to a rehearsal of April Rain!

Here's Broken Promises

Thank you very very much!! Stay warm and Toasty!

Frank, Sal, & Toby