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Today is $5 Friday!  You have 24hrs to give $5 towards changing a life!

For the price of a large chai latte, you can make a very real difference. 

One of the girls we support is from a family of 7. She's the eldest and as her younger sisters start high school we will support them as well. Mum and dad found themselves in a tricky situation and dad can only sometimes work.
They live in a makeshift house that would certainly not outlast a hurricane, and everyone sleeps on the floor.
We would love to help mum and dad become self sufficient and set them up with a chicken coup.

They have the land and as we have trialled chicken coups before we know they can bring in a good living that can empower this family and bring back some dignity to their situation.

Got 5 bucks?

      (PS. Last month on $5 Friday we raised enough money to cover 5 term bus passes for our girls who live remotely, thanks to you!)

We love these smiles! They say 'I'm happy to be back at school!'
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