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Merry Christmas!

As we start to wind down for another year....Thank you. 

It's been another great year. Some of the highlights for us were:
  • Embracing the stretch to support 50 Girls to go to school.
  • Our 'Staying Safe' workshop in May in partnership with the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre and local police.
  • Our team visits to Rakiraki and seeing our Girls thriving and happy.
  • Empowering our wonderful country Coordinator Urmila to implement our program with her volunteer (V) team and monitor and evaluate their progress.
  • Creating partnerships with Sydney schools and having their students visit and volunteer with our Fiji team.
  • We could keep going! (look out for more detail in our Annual Report, coming soon)
Thank you for donating, thank you for holding school fete stalls, thank you for buying cakes and supporting our Crowdfunding Campaign (still going till Cmas Eve). 
Thank you for coming to our recent fundraising dinner, we raised around $5,000 and made lots of new friends who are committed to working with us in 2015.
Thank you for responding to our $5 Friday supporting one-off needs, they'll be back next year.
Thank you for the buying e-book 'Behind the Smiles' - with all proceeds going to the Girls.

From the Girls "I was happy to be able to get back to school after a year off, it was very hard having to go to work when I wanted to finish school" (16y), "Since being supported by this program, our lives have been good, things have changed, my mum and dad have things they can sell and I always have stationery" (17y), "I want to be an air hostess and now I can be because I can finish school" (16y).

From our in country Coordinator Urmila, "I am very grateful for all the support, both for the Girls and our team here in Fiji. But also to see the Girls doing so well and their parents so happy. Thanks to all supporters, and a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year." 

We are grateful you have joined the journey, have a lovely summer break and we look forward to a wonderful 2015.


Jane for team 'a Girl & her world'

Still looking for Christmas gifts? Print out an e-card as a gift in kind or Download e-book 'Behind the Smiles' for a friend to read over summer! Giving made easy.

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Meet our team!

Pictured at our fundraising dinner: Left to right: Jennie Quintana, Jackie Robertson, Jane Kennedy, Joanna Hawkins and Kym Cross. 

Staying Safe

This is corporal Margie, she's part of our V team and is a police officer in the community we work in. She gave our Girls her personal mobile number and is available for them. She presented at our workshop in May alongside the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre. 

It's all about the Girls

Girls have sass the world over! We love working with these 3 and our other 40 something Girls, they understand that education is their only real chance to break cycles of poverty in their families, creating opportunities and choice.

...and their mums

A big part of our program is setting up mums (and sometimes dads) with income generating projects so they can become self sufficient and start to support their daughters' education with dignity. We provide sewing machines, bee boxes for honey, veggie gardens and tools and chicken coops.
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