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Thank you!


As we start to wind down for another year....Thank you. 

Your generosity and support has meant that we have been able to support more girls to go to school this year and help more families to become self sufficient.

Thank you for giving, thank you for holding school fete stalls, thank you for buying cakes and supporting our runners/walkers in the Sydney Bridge Run. Thank you for responding to our $5 Friday frenzies, they'll be back next year as they were such a HIT! We raised money for travel passes, a sick mum to receive treatment so she could return to her livelihood, and a sewing machine for another mum. Each in the space of one Friday! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We'd love you to click through to our annual report for more detail about what's been going on.

From our girls "I am very glad to be back at school and not working anymore", "When I am older I want to be a doctor so I can come back to my community and help people here. I also want to support my mum and dad", "I am so happy to be able to graduate my year and get my exam results back, now that my fees are paid"

From our in country Coordinator Urmila, "My thanks to all the team in Australia and supporters. These girls are doing very well and poor families in our area are now able to start making their own way. It is important for people to take responsibility for their own situation, and now they can. Girls can stay at school and not have to go to work or get married too young"

Still looking for Christmas gifts? Want to give gifts that change lives? Print out an e-card as a gift in kind...Download my new e-book for a friend to read over summer! Giving made easy.

We are grateful you have joined the journey, have a lovely Christmas break and we look forward to a wonderful 2014.


Jane for team 'a Girl & her world'

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Annual Report

Like to read our annual report? There's stories and pie graphs and some pics to paint a more detailed picture of what we're about. Got questions about any of it? Drop us a line...

Behind the Smiles: Stories from a Fiji Adventure

Want to know more about us? Or read more about our girls? Our Coordinator Jane Kennedy has just released an e-book 'Behind the Smiles; Gratitude, Bed bugs and a Hibiscus Princess...Stories from a Fiji Adventure'. All profits go back into our programs so we'd love you to buy a copy and enjoy a good read over summer! We'd also love you to help us promote it and share the link to our site.
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